Sanctioned Party Ownership Screening

Streamline and simplify your efforts to comply with sanctioned party ownership regulations and avoid doing business with the multitude of parties with whom it may be unlawful to do business—in one, easy-to-use solution

Make sure the ultimate beneficial owners of your business partners are not sanctioned parties

With Descartes Visual Compliance Sanctioned Party Ownership Screening, you'll gain access to valuable beneficial ownership and controlling interest data as it pertains to sanctioned parties. And, with it, the power to prevent potential compliance violations related to OFAC's "50 Percent Rule" and other sanctioned party ownership thresholds, including those imposed by the European Union.

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Key benefits for your organization

Enhanced Compliance

Screening for sanctioned ownership helps decrease the risk of fines, penalties, and negative news coverage.

Save Time

Get up-and-running quickly, with a streamlined implementation process.

Prioritized Compliance Results

Your results arrive back quickly and contain the necessary regulatory compliance information organized by relevant details and alert levels, all of which further streamlines your review process and helps you prioritize your time.

Stay Up-to-Date

To keep pace with frequent changes to ownership structures, our data is kept up-to-date by industry experts.

Improve Consistency

Establish organization-wide compliance by leveraging a SaaS-driven solution with worldwide access, 24/7.

Solution Highlights


Search for Sanctioned Party Ownership using renowned business information and research that has been thoroughly vetted by highly educated, expert analysts located around the globe.


Results are returned with pertinent details on percentage of ownership by sanctioned individual or entity, revealing the facts behind the true ownership structure of your customers, clients and other third parties with whom you conduct business.


Descartes Visual Compliance provides a full range of audit recording and due diligence that automatically record screening details and allow users to easily demonstrate their compliance activities


Avoid violations involving sanctioned individuals or entities, and embargoed countries, with screening that identifies individual and country restrictions.

"Maintaining compliance with sanctioned party ownership regulations can be complicated. Many jurisdictions have laws in place that may prohibit you from doing business with organizations where ownership by sanctioned parties exceeds defined percentage thresholds. However, comprehensive information surrounding ownership is not provided as part of government published watch lists."

Why choose Descartes Visual Compliance?

Incredibly Intuitive

Descartes Visual Compliance is a simple and intuitive system that anyone in your organization can use quickly and easily.

Dedicated Service

Our customer service teams and regulatory compliance specialists have the necessary expertise to help support your compliance process from day one onward. Additionally, your dedicated service representative is there to help you every step of the way.

Modular Approach

We provide an à la carte menu of compliance solutions, which allows you to focus on your key risk management needs. As your business needs change, Descartes Visual Compliance adapts to support you.

Our Clients are Our Best Advocates

Those who use Descartes Visual Compliance love it, it's as simple as that. Our greatest advocates are our clients. Our diverse client base includes organizations in every industry, in locations all around the globe.

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