Denied and Restricted Party Screening Solutions

Comply with international trade compliance requirements to mitigate risk and enable secure business growth with robust and cost-effective denied party screening software solutions.

Choose from flexible pricing options that fit organizations of all sizes and across industries. 

Denied Party Screening Software Buyer’s Guide

This buyer’s guide brings together best practices and industry insights to help inform the why, when, and how of your buying process. Learn how to identify, evaluate, and select the best solution for your sanctions compliance needs.

Featured: A Guide to Managing and Minimizing The Occurrence of False Positives in Denied Party Screening

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In practice

How did Visual Compliance screening solutions help businesses become more efficient? Hear what our customers have to say.

See How Adafruit Industries Simplifies Denied Party Screening with Descartes Visual Compliance™

MIT hacker and engineer Limor “Ladyada” Fried describes how Adafruit Industries, the NYC manufacturer of high-tech learning electronics, uses Descartes Visual Compliance™ to screen ~30,000 shipments per month to ensure its tools, equipment and electronics are sent to only those people who are cleared to get the technology and use it.


“Descartes Denied Party Screening is an invaluable compliance resource.”

Descartes Denied Party Screening helps me perform compliance due diligence, a key component of my job. It increases efficiency and I am always confident that the screening tool is current/up-to-date with the Restricted Party Lists. The best part about Descartes Visual Compliance is how simple it is to use. I like that there is a place to enter a comment for each screening, which helps me track my screenings more easily.


“Highly Recommended for Denied Party Screening”

Descartes Denied Party Screening software has a very user-friendly interface. The ability to integrate with almost any business system has eliminated the need for manual screening. I have used other screening providers, and this is the perfect fit for our large company. The pricing is also the most competitive in the industry. The reporting capabilities are also very useful. Having all the various screening lists in one place has provided screening support globally for our company.


Efficient, affordable, and easy to use

Modular and cost-effective

Choose from flexible pricing options that fit organizations of all sizes and across industries.

  • Configurable to your needs and budget
  • Pick and choose modules based on your requirements
  • Pay for only what you need now
  • Scale easily when necessary

Screen the way you want to

Select from multiple screening options to address your organization’s denied party screening needs.

  • Online screening
  • Bulk screening
  • Integrated screening
  • Configurable implementation

Comprehensive up-to-date content and seamless updates

Take advantage of our solutions that help ensure your compliance program is working with the most up-to-date denied party screening lists available.

  • Timely list updates
  • Keep pace with emerging regulations
  • Compiled by dedicated research team
  • Covering 180+ countries

Advanced search options that minimize false positives

Optimize your restricted party screening set up with the help of our customer support team and reduce false positives.

Also read our article on how to manage false positives.

  • Use highly configurable search algorithms
  • Ensure data input quality
  • Configure search tuning capabilities
  • Leverage AI and machine learning

Superior customer service

Leverage the help and support from our Customer Service and Customer Success teams to get the most from your subscriptions to maintain a strong compliance program.

See authentic reviews from real users on how they are successfully using Descartes Visual Compliance.

  • Knowledgeable about your business
  • Comprehensive, ongoing training
  • Continuous support
  • Dedicated Customer Service

Streamlined compliance process

Ensure everyone in your organization is on the same page and using the same screening processes that not only enhance compliance but also enable growth.

  • Seamless implementation
  • Specially designed workflows
  • Minimize oversights and errors
  • Company-wide implementation and visibility

Meet compliance obligations with ease, efficiency, and unmatched reliability

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