Screening Audit & Resolution

Resolving potential restricted and denied party screening matches is as important as screening itself. Demonstrate your due diligence by recording your compliance activities

Resolve and record

A team of business people review records from denied party screening

Streamline your decision making

Our audit solution provides workflows that automatically record the steps taken for audit purposes, making the process more straightforward and efficient.

Resolving potential matches and recording your decisions improves your compliance process. Working with our screening solutions, audit and resolution solutions streamline the recording process of your denied party screening activities, and maintain records of relevant information and actions taken.

Making audits easier

Increased functionality, intuitive workflows, and various data export options make our solutions the most trusted in the industry.

Screening and Audit History

Record your organization’s screening activities and store relevant details for internal reporting and audits

Resolution Manager

Review potential matches, keep track of decisions, why they were made, and who was involved in the process

Compliance Manager Workflow

Combine Audit and History and Resolution Manager into one record-keeping and match resolution solution

In practice

Our global users share our belief that screening and recordkeeping should go hand in hand. Here is what they say.


“Excellent trade compliance tool and resource.”

The full auditing functionality is excellent for recordkeeping. Descartes Denied Party Screening allows for both single and multi-party screening, and the reports provide a comprehensive list of results and government references.


“Ease of use and accurate reports.”

I appreciate the website’s ease of use, including the reports’ accuracy. Notifying management for review and clearing false positives helps clear apparent issues quickly.


Make informed decisions

Designed for Compliance Managers

Take charge of your organization’s compliance program and manage all screening activities from a control center.

  • Simple and intuitive interface
  • Secure SSAE16 environments
  • Limit or grant user permissions
  • 24/7 customer support

Centralized Record Keeping

No matter the source, all your information is recorded in one centralized system.

  • Dashboard view
  • Easy to find and organize data
  • Tracks across businesses, departments, and regions
  • Streamlined access to documentation

Automatic recording

Keep track of every entity screened against restricted party lists.

  • Automated data recording
  • Detailed decision-making record
  • Single source of truth
  • Enhance due diligence efforts

Demonstrating compliance

Easily demonstrate your compliance activities.

  • Audit-readiness
  • Detailed proof of due diligence
  • Extensive supporting documentation
  • All activities recorded automatically

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