Export Automation

Simplify your export documentation and license process without compromising your compliance

Export compliance workflows

Simplify your export processes

Intuitive workflows combine multiple steps of export management without compromising your compliance–everything from the documentation process to compliance checks, including sanctions and embargos, and managing your license activities.

Remove complexities from your export documentation and licensing processes by implementing the Descartes Visual Compliance™ Export Automation solution.

Simplify and stay compliant

Streamline your export documentation and compliance efforts

Export Documentation Manager

Combine your export documentation and compliance verification activities in one easy-to-manage workflow

Export License Manager

Manage your export licenses in a centralized system and record all activities throughout the entire license lifecycle

Export Compliance FAQs

Answers to frequently asked questions about export compliance

In practice

Find out how our global users automated their export processes and how it assisted them in keeping their supply chain running smoothly.


“Fast and Professional – it strengthened our export control process.”

The Descartes Denied Party Screening software is user friendly. It gives the screening results with a complete background of related legislation. Everything so far works well with Descartes Denied Party Screening solution, it helps strengthen our internal export control processes.


“Great tool! If you ship internationally you need to have!”

Using Descartes, we can seamlessly comply with all export rules with regards to verifying that potential customers are not on a Denied Party List. Our company has a complete ISO export compliance program. The first step screens all parties through the Descartes Denied Party Screening software.


Increase accuracy and limit liability

Secure, centralized management

Address all your export process needs with a single platform and enhance company-wide compliance

  • Unified export documentation and license system
  • Built-in compliance verifications
  • Maintains an audit trail
  • Restricts and manages roles

At-a-glance dashboard

Determine where your goods are in the export compliance process with a full range of status indicators and alerts

  • Centralized alerts and status dashboard
  • Instant compliance snapshots
  • Timely alerts and indicators
  • Organization-wide visibility

One-step export document creation

Prepare and distribute multiple export documents–Bills of Lading, Shipper’s Letter of Instruction (SLI), Commercial and Pro Forma invoices among others–to the right destinations at the right time

  • Multiple forms to choose from
  • Build documents from saved shipment templates
  • System identifies required forms based on shipment
  • Saves time and easy to use

Tech data exports tracking

Track tech data even though there are no physical shipments involved

  • Track products without a part or serial number
  • Keep track of all the ways data can be shared
  • Record transfers of intangible assets

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Take the next step in your compliance journey and experience global trade securely and successfully

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