Export Classification Solutions

Make the right decision when classifying your exports–every time

Simplify the complexity

Properly classified exports in transit

Best-in-class classification solutions

Increase confidence that you’ve made the right decision when classifying your exports.

Employ a suite of easy-to-use solutions for all your export classification needs. Simplify the classifying process of your exports by searching the Commerce Control List (CCL), United States Munitions List (USML), and international export controls, and store your decisions for future reference.

Classify once–use it again

Powerful and versatile export classification solutions alongside responsive customer support vouch for the fastest and easiest way of classifying your exports.

In practice

Powerful and versatile classification solutions alongside responsive customer support vouch for the fastest and easiest way of classifying your exports.


“Best denied party screening software on the market.”

Descartes Denied Party Screening solution allows me to get screening results in a very short amount of time. I can screen anyone, worldwide, in moments. Descartes Denied Party Screening also helps me cross-reference for classification of materials rapidly.


“An Essential Denied Party Screening Tool with Timely Updates.”

This tool is essential for me to do denied party screening for each party, person, entity. The result is clear, it includes the name and country of the party screened and also combines U.S. export/reexport control on product ECCN number… All the info looks so good to me.


Smart export classification tools

Enhanced decision quality

Feel confident when making classification decisions about your exports.

  • Powerful search engine
  • Searchable international regulations
  • Wide range of classification regimes
  • Record decisions for future reference

Easy to use intuitive design

Making your classification process less complex, increasing accuracy and productivity.

  • Easy-to-understand interface
  • Intuitive navigation
  • Streamlined task workflows
  • Designed for new users and experts

Multiple ways to search

Use our powerful search engine to search by keywords, or the built in “drill down” functionality.

  • Multiple search options
  • Advanced filters
  • Keyword search engine
  • ‘Drill-down’ functionality

Superior Record keeping

Benefit from the ability to record your decision-making rationale and classification decisions within a Product Matrix.

  • Record decisions
  • Review rationale
  • Justify previous decisions
  • Save time reclassifying the same items

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