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Thanks to recognition from our users, we have been listed in the 2024 Top 50 Software for Enterprise by G2. Hear from leaders across multiple industries how Descartes Denied Party Screening software simplifies sanctions compliance and secures their business.

Solutions that make a difference

Designed to provide you with powerful and versatile ways of reducing risk in
the ever-changing world of regulatory and trade compliance.

Denied Party Screening

Comply with international trade regulations and avoid dealing with unauthorized parties.

Audit and Resolution

Streamline your decision-making by resolving potential matches & recording your decisions.

OFAC Compliance

Ensure OFAC compliance and avoid unlawful business with parties on OFAC watchlists.

Export Classification

Facilitate fast and accurate export classification decisions.

Export Automation

Streamline your export documentation, compliance, and licensing processes.

Risk Management

Effectively cover Sanctioned Party Ownership, Forced Labor, FCPA, Adverse Media and more.

Trade Content – MK Data

Leverage industry-leading trade content from Descartes MK Data for SAP-GTS, Oracle GTM, & other business systems

Trade securely and successfully

A full suite of flexible regulatory and trade compliance solutions that fit seamlessly into your business processes.

Successfully solving customer challenges

Making companies confident in their compliance due diligence and enabling growth across all major industries across the world

Testimonial image - Erick Wallace

The initial feedback from the employees was, ‘this is awesome. This is a huge improvement, we love it.’ … Descartes Visual Compliance™ has managed to save us nearly 28,000 man-hours per year, and reduce our compliance risk exposure.

Erick Wallace, Corporate Export Compliance Manager
Testimonial image - Céline Emmenegger

Due to the rising importance of compliance in our sector, we needed an automated screening solution that is efficient and highly reliable. Implementing the Descartes solution has resulted in a more systematic and efficient screening practice, which has significantly reduced costs and risks for the company and its clients.

Céline Emmenegger, Compliance Officer at IFCHOR
Testimonial image - Peter Loftspring

Embedding Descartes Visual Compliance into our internally-developed systems and leveraging its automated screening capability has helped us to keep pace with the growing number of contracts that we manage. The technology increases capacity in the compliance team to focus on more strategic activities, such as training and internal stakeholder engagement.

Peter Loftspring, Black & Veatch’s Senior Vice President and Chief Compliance Manager
Testimonial image - Limor Fried

You can’t grow your business if you keep doing manual screening. Descartes Visual Compliance was very easy to integrate into our existing ERP and sales platform. Now we have an automated way to check every order as it comes in. There’s no manual screening and we only have to go in to check when there is a flag.

Limor Fried, Founder & Lead Engineer Adafruit Industries
Testimonial image - Amy Chen

By automating screening of our trade partner database against denied party lists and determining appropriate export license requirements, Argosy has realized a 75% productivity gain in our compliance practice. Descartes Visual Compliance has allowed us to focus more resources on international growth, better mitigate risk and ensure we achieve 100% trade compliance rates.

Amy Chen, Quality and Compliance Manager at Argosy International Inc.

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    From addressing customer issues to meeting new government trade and export compliance initiatives—Descartes Visual Compliance™ provides extensive and timely training, technical support, and regulatory-related product updates.
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  • Get Up-and-Running QuicklyOur goal is to get every user up and running within a day—with minimal training—helping businesses carry on as usual. Through years of experience, we have developed a straightforward onboarding process with dedicated Customer Success Representatives available at all times.

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