Enhanced Risk Management

Enhance your compliance risk management and avoid potential reputational damage that can come from working with organizations who may be involved in unlawful activities

Sanctioned ownership, adverse media, anti-corruption, and Forced Labor compliance.

Export compliance officers reviewing sanctioned ownership reults

Optimize risk management efforts

Obtain critical additional information about customers, vendors and other business partners in order to fully optimize your due diligence efforts and stay compliant.

By leveraging data provided by industry-leading sources for worldwide news and business information, Descartes Visual Compliance™ users can screen for Sanctioned Party Ownership, Politically Exposed Persons (PEP), and many other risk-related areas.

Maintain compliance and mitigate risk

Ensure compliance and resilience to reputational damage by increasing the scope of your research efforts with Descartes Visual Compliance Enhanced Risk Management solutions

In practice

Find out how our users assured their compliance and demonstrated additional due diligence with enhanced risk management.


“Reliable compliance tool.”

Ease of use, convenience, and detail provided for all types of compliance needs is what I like the most about Descartes Denied Party Screening. Added lists regarding various authorities being reviewed as well as the UBO (Ultimate Business Ownership) via Dow Jones for added layer of controls. Other benefits are the level of accuracy and additional auditing capabilities, and the dynamic batch screening for additional comfort of knowing daily checks are being performed.


“Dependable, accurate and straight forward.”

What I like the most about Descartes Denied Party Screening is that the site is very stable, it’s never been down in almost three years I’ve been using it, and it’s always on point and quick to load. When working in talent acquisition, sometimes it’s essential to have it ready as quickly as possible to continue with the hiring process. Being responsible with the background of our candidates, making sure there’s nothing to worry about.


Closest to risk-free as it can be

Added layer of due diligence

Easily get the facts surrounding your customers, clients, and other third parties with whom you do business

  • Stay informed
  • Check before conducting business
  • Mitigate business risk
  • Bolster your compliance efforts

Sectoral sanctions compliance

Help prevent doing business with entities listed in the Ukraine/Russia Related Sanctions Program

  • Comply with Russia/Ukraine Executive Orders
  • Added protection
  • Mitigate the risk of penalties

Built-in record keeping and audit trail

Utilize the full range of audit recording to demonstrate your compliance due diligence

  • Audit recording
  • Automatically record screening details
  • Easily demonstrate compliance
  • Bolster due diligence

Screen the way you want to

Select from multiple screening options to address your organization’s needs

  • Online screening
  • Bulk screening
  • Integrated screening
  • Configurable implementation

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Take the next step in your compliance journey and experience global trade securely and successfully

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