User reviews on G2 earned us a spot on the 2024 Best Software award list!

Written by Alfred Hille, Director, Product Marketing, Global Trade Intelligence, Descartes

G2 badge showing Descartes Denied Party Screening software listed as top 50 best software for Enterprises in 2024

We are excited to share that Descartes Denied Party Screening (also known as Descartes Visual Compliance and Descartes MK Denial) has been named one of the best software for 2024. In total, Descartes Denied Party Screening has been featured as a leader across 12 categories including best usability, easiest set up, highest adoption rate, and best relationship.  

This recognition is significant because feedback from users is what guides G2’s selection of the Best Software Award. G2 is an independent online platform where verified users can leave genuine reviews of the software they are using. With over 100,000 software companies on G2, making the list of Top 50 Best Software is a great achievement for Descartes Denied Party Screening. Explore additional customer insights via this review ebook that illuminates how our solutions make a difference.

Key Takeaways

  • Industry Leadership: G2 listed Descartes as one of the top 50 best software for 2024. We were the only denied party screening software that made the list.
  • Recognized Excellence: Quarter after quarter, our commitment to excellence and customer satisfaction has been acknowledged with leadership badges across multiple categories.
  • User Satisfaction: Overall, individual user reviews reveal immense satisfaction with the ease of use, quick setup, and return on investment of our denied party screening software.
  • Enhanced Compliance and Reduced Risk: Our screening software empowers users to enhance their denied party screening and sanctions compliance program with robust customizable screening tools, accurate and up to date data and insights, and the expertise of our knowledgeable customer support teams.
  • Customer-Centric Validation: G2’s annual Best Software Awards rank the world’s best software companies and products based on verified reviews from real users.

The voice of our customers is at the center of what we do.

We are immensely grateful to our customers who took the time to share their experiences about Descartes Denied Party Screening software. Genuine user reviews are the foundation of the G2 awards, reaffirming the impact of our dedication to providing user-driven software solutions. Feedback from our customers drives the way we innovate and improve our sanctions compliance and risk management solutions to meet their business growth and regulatory needs.

Ever since we joined the G2 community, reviews from our user reviews have consistently earned us recognition across multiple diverse categories. We repeatedly emerged as leaders in our product category for having the set of capabilities that delivered excellent outcomes to organizations of all sizes – small businesses, mid-market, and enterprise. So let us explore some of the many ways customers trust Descartes Denied Party Screening solutions to simplify restricted party screening and sanctions compliance to support business growth.

What Makes Descartes Denied Party Screening Software Standout According to Users

To be one of the industry leaders on G2’s 2024 Top 50 list, a software company must receive at least 50 approved and published reviews during the 2023 calendar year. As the only software dedicated to denied party screening that made it on the Top 50 list, let us explore what our customers had to say about our product performance and user satisfaction to earn us that spot.

Intuitive and Easy to Use: the designs of our solutions are user-driven, featuring an easy-to-understand interface, streamlined task workflows, and intuitive navigation.

Descartes leadership badge for highest user adoption from G2

The Descartes denied party screening software is very easy to use and user-friendly. The overall look and feel is not difficult to navigate. It also keeps track of hits and resolutions of those hits. Descartes is isolating potential OFAC Hits against our Customer Database.”

Verified User. Small-Business (50 or fewer emp.)

Committed Customer Service and Quality of Support: users agree that we provide highly personalized and dedicated customer support from onboarding and throughout the span of their subscription. We offer users easy access to free trainings, webinars, industry insights and many detailed resource centers so they get the most out of our software.

The Excellent support team! Excellent software! It has a good user interface.  We use it primarily for screening international transactions at a university but also the Export Workflow.”

Verified User. Enterprise (>1,000 employees)

Descartes G2 badge for best usability in denied party screening software

Helpful Training Videos and Webinars. Descartes Denied Party Screening helps us screen employees, contractors, customers, and suppliers to ensure we are not doing business with any person or company that is on any restricted party lists. It is user friendly. The training videos and webinars that are held regularly and are very helpful.”

Verified User. Enterprise (>1,000 employees)

Advanced Search Options to Minimize False Positive: our customer success and implementation team works with you to optimize your denied party screening set up to reduce false positives, minimize risk and enhance productivity.

Great tool for quick and easy vetting of vendors. Descartes Denied Party Screening platform is extremely easy to use and there are many different search options for exact matches or fuzzy search which allows you to search for nicknames or similar names. This makes the denied party screening process easy. It helps us prove our due diligence and vetting of vendors to ensure we are not working with any restricted vendors. The platform has really streamlined operations since we only have to search one database instead of multiple to comply with vetting requirements.”

Verified User. Mid-market (51-1,000 employees)

Comprehensive and Up-to-Date Global Sanctions List Content: With sanctions content covering 180+ countries and updated in near real time, be confident that you’re searching the relevant watch lists and accessing the latest compliance content.

G2 badge awarding Descartes Market Leader in the Americas

All major international sanctions lists screening tool. The amount of the data/sanctions lists/BIS lists is really impressive. The updates on the sanctioned entities/individuals are provided quite fast. It is so easy to screen even if limited data on the customer is available. It is easy to create a pdf report and save/share the results. The report with no matches is also a handy feature for audit trail of safe entities.”

Verified User. Small Business (50 or fewer emp)

G2 badge awarding Descartes Market Leader in EMEA

Fast, updated global content and easy to use. Descartes Denied party screening enable us to check business partners and visitors against sanctioned party lists.”

Verified User in Manufacturing. Enterprise (>1,000 employees)

Flexible Screening Options: our denied party screening software offers multiple screening options to address your organization’s operational needs.

Descartes G2 badge for having the denied party screening software with the easiest admin

Excellent Trade Compliance Tool and Resource. The Denied party screening tool allows for both single and multi-party screening, and results provide a comprehensive list of results and Gov. references. Full auditing functionality is excellent for recordkeeping.”

Verified User. Enterprise (>1,000 employees)

Cost-Effective and Customizable: our solutions are flexibly priced and modular, allowing organizations of all sizes to pick and choose the features that fit their business and budget, with the option to easily scale when needed.

G2 badge awarded to Descartes Denied Party Screening software for being a leader in the mid-market segment

“[Descartes Denied Party Screening] remains very good value for our money. It is one of our most important tools in support of our Global Trade Compliance policy. In the end it prevents us doing business with the wrong entities/persons/countries in an increasing complicated world.”

Verified User. Mid-market (51-1,000 employees)

G2 badge awarded to Descartes Denied Party Screening software for being a leader in the enterprise segment

The pricing is the most competitive in the industry. Having all the various screening lists in one place has provided screening support globally for our company. The automated system interface has also saved our employees a great deal of time by eliminating the need for manual screening.”

Verified User. Enterprise (>1,000 employees)

Seamless Integration: we offer a broad range of integration options with CRMs, ERPs, and major business systems. We also support integration with homegrown platforms and legacy systems.

G2 badge for Easiest Setup awarded to Descartes Denied Party Screening software.

Integrated denied party screening makes export compliance less complicated. The fact that transactions are triggered directly from Salesforce to Descartes Denied Party Screening makes the manual work of searching lists and databases much less. Now our team only spends time researching and validating red alerts instead of researching all companies and persons in a high-risk location. As our business grows we have more complex export compliance requirements. The war in Russia also impacted us and Descartes helped to identify and block sanctioned parties in Russia.”

Verified User. Enterprise (>1,000 employees)

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