Anti-Corruption Compliance

No one wants to be accused of attempting to influence government officials with financial incentives or enabling illegal activity by allowing bribery or money laundering to occur right under your nose

Avoid potential conflicts of interest and allegations of corruption

Screening for State-Owned Entities, as well as Politically Exposed Persons (PEP) and their relatives helps avoid the appearance of impropriety in business decisions. Descartes Visual Compliance makes it easier to help ensure compliance with the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act (FCPA) and similar regulations from other jurisdictions

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Key benefits for your organization

Enhanced Compliance

Screen names against dozens of Denied Parties Lists simultaneously, including lists of Politically Exposed Persons, and return instantaneous results.

Save Time

Get up-and-running quickly, with a streamlined implementation process.

Identify PEPs and Close Associates

The solution contains identities of senior ranking public officials, including government officials and politicians, as well as their relatives or close associates‡‡.

Improve Consistency

Establish organization-wide compliance by leveraging a SaaS-driven solution with worldwide access, 24/7.

‡ Relatives include wife, husband, siblings, children, parents, aunts and uncles, nieces and nephews, cousins, step-children, etc.
‡‡ Close associates are people who have a close business or personal relationship with a PEP.

Solution Highlights


Search for PEPs using renowned business information and research that has been thoroughly vetted by highly educated, expert analysts located around the globe.


Easily view results alongside relevant information to make an informed decision on whether to halt transactions right away, or escalate alerts for further review.


Descartes Visual Compliance automatically rescreens past entries daily, alerting you right away if the status of any previous customer ever changes.

In addition to establishing the need to identify Politically Exposed Persons, Anti-Money Laundering regulations stipulate relatives or close associates of PEPs should be monitored. Screening for PEPs and their relatives or close associates is yet another important tool in your Risk Management Program, whether it's helping you avoid any appearance of impropriety in your dealings with PEPs, or in your decision to stop doing business with them altogether.

Why choose Descartes Visual Compliance?

Incredibly Intuitive

Descartes Visual Compliance is a simple and intuitive system that anyone in your organization can use quickly and easily.

Dedicated Service

Our customer service teams and regulatory compliance specialists have the necessary expertise to help support your compliance process from day one onward. Additionally, your dedicated service representative is there to help you every step of the way.

Modular Approach

We provide an à la carte menu of compliance solutions, which allows you to focus on your key risk management needs. As your business needs change, Descartes Visual Compliance adapts to support you.

Our Clients are Our Best Advocates

Those who use Descartes Visual Compliance love it, it's as simple as that. Our greatest advocates are our clients. Our diverse client base includes organizations in every industry, in locations all around the globe.

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