Export License Manager

Stay on top of your licenses–help avoid delays, fines and possible loss of export privileges by automating export license activities and related processes

Stay on top of your export licenses

Descartes Visual Compliance–Export License Manager saves you time and effort by managing your multi-authority export license information in one centralized system. With full audit-trail recording capabilities, keeping track of licensing activities has never been so easy.

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Key benefits for your organization

Complete License Management

Use Export License Manager by Descartes Visual Compliance to maintain a complete license repository. Our solution handles licenses from multiple jurisdictions, helping you to stay on top of your licenses—from application to expiration—in one place.

Easily Define Roles

Only give people who need to be able to edit information the ability to do so. Descartes Visual Compliance–Export License Manager allows you to set defined roles for every user, helping to ensure that everyone has access to the information they need, while securing the information they don't.

Automated Notifications

The customized notifications create the alerts that best suit you. Get alerts based on expiration, exhaustion, or a number of other important trigger points for your business.

Manage Both Hardware and Tech Data in One Solution

Keep track of hardware and tech data licenses, exceptions, and exemptions via one intuitive workflow.

Solution Highlights


Descartes Visual Compliance–Export License Manager's customizable alert system lets you know when licenses require your attention based on your needs and business processes. Our solution will keep track of your license information, and alert you when you're approaching the limits you need to know about—whether that means expiration, exhaustion, or any number of other trigger points. With Descartes Visual Compliance–Export License Manager, you can help ensure that you never find yourself shipping without a valid license.


Not everything you need to keep track of has a part or serial number. Even though there's no physical shipments involved, you need a place to keep track of all of your tech data. Record transfers of intangible assets and keep track of how both impact your export activities. Descartes Visual Compliance–Export License Manager has been purposely designed to be able to keep track of all the ways that data can be shared and transferred.


All Descartes Visual Compliance solutions include detailed reporting capabilities. With Descartes Visual Compliance–Export License Manager, reports can be generated to provide your current licenses statistics and statuses, as well as potential timelines for reapplying. This helps to ensure that no one is caught off-guard when a license is close to no longer being valid.


Having more than one person trying to keep track of everything in a spreadsheet or other non-secured data file can be cumbersome and inefficient, and leaves you without an audit trail. With multiple people involved in your organization's export processes, you need a system that can be shared easily, maintains an audit trail, and allows you to restrict access based on role.

Descartes Visual Compliance–Export License Manager addresses your needs with a single platform. Our solution works for everyone in your organization involved in the export process and enables the visibility that supports effective company-wide compliance. You can easily limit who can see what, who can make changes—with a complete audit trail so everyone gets only the information and access that they need—with an audit trail.

"This definitely makes things easier. It's great to have our licenses in a central, easy-to-view location."

Cherie, Export Compliance Officer, Military Equipment Manufacturer

Why choose Descartes Visual Compliance?

Quick and Easy Cloud-based Implementation

With no software to install, you can be up-and-running almost immediately with a system that provides everything you need to manage your export licenses.

Take Control

Safeguard your information and ensure accurate reporting by limiting access to the system, while always maintaining a detailed audit record. More secure and reliable than struggling with spreadsheets and manual tracking.

Simplify Reporting

Descartes Visual Compliance solutions include robust reporting capabilities to easily provide up-to-date status reports, search history, and other important information for those who need to know.

Integrate with Other Solutions

Descartes Visual Compliance–Export License Manager integrates easily with our suite of export solutions. Use it in conjunction with Descartes Visual Compliance–Export Documentation Manager to automatically decrement licenses.

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