Automated Export System (AES) Filing Solution

The submission of accurate Electronic Export Information (EEI) via AES filings using the ACE (Automated Commercial Environment) portal’s AESDirect system is essential to keep supply chains running smoothly. Export declaration errors can result in shipments being delayed and penalties being imposed, negatively affecting the bottom line.

AES filing with Export Documentation Manager

Operating in conjunction with Descartes Visual Compliance—Export Documentation Manager, Descartes Visual Compliance’s AES filing solution performs pre-submission compliance and verification checks, significantly increasing the acceptance rate by CBP, and facilitating the timely generation of the Internal Transaction Number (ITN), which is required 1 to 24 hours prior to the actual export, depending on the mode of transport being used.

aes filing portal


Key benefits for your organization

In-depth Compliance checks

Our AES filing solution pre-submission checks help ensure required documents are ready, shipment details such as export classification and licensing requirements are validated, and that parties to the transaction are screened against denied parties lists.

Save time on filing and reporting

Utilize the time saving Descartes Visual Compliance—Export Documentation Manager functionality that includes item master tables, and shipment templates to quickly create export shipments and declaration documents that can easily be submitted to ACE for AES reporting.

Streamlined AES filing process

From shipment creation to filing, the AES filing process can be performed in a single workflow step, removing the need to rekey EEI filing data, increasing accuracy, strengthening compliance, and keeping the supply chain moving efficiently.

Electronic audit trail

Through secure and encrypted cloud-based solutions, shipment transactions are recorded for at least five years for regular tracking and reporting or in the event of an audit, providing organizations with documented proof of their due diligence

Solution Highlights


We design our automated solutions to reduce or eliminate as many common obstacles as possible, to help take the complexity out of integration so that companies can implement quickly.

What used to take months to achieve can now be accomplished in a matter of days, even a few hours, with far fewer resources required than ever before.


Your IT department has more important things to do than perform basic maintenance and daily system updates to support your company's compliance program.

We agree, and believe supporting systems should be seamless, low-maintenance and work behind the scenes. That's why we design our systems to be maintenance-free. Setup requires minimal IT resources and we assist you every step of the way.


Visual Compliance provides a full range of audit recording and due diligence that automatically record details and allow users to easily demonstrate their compliance activities.


Having more than one person trying to keep track of everything in a spreadsheet or other non-secured data file can be cumbersome and inefficient, and leaves you without an audit trail. With multiple people involved in your organization's export processes, you need a system that can be shared easily, maintains an audit trail, and allows you to restrict access based on role.

Descartes Visual Compliance Export Documentation Manager addresses your needs with a single platform. Our solution works for everyone in your organization involved in the export process and enables the visibility that supports effective company-wide compliance. You can easily limit who can see what, who can make changes—with a complete audit trail so everyone gets only the information and access that they need—with an audit trail.

"With this system I know we're doing things right. Even when I can't be there, I have such peace of mind knowing that we are compliant."

Christine, Export Strategy & Compliance, Retail

Why choose Descartes Visual Compliance?

Incredibly Intuitive

Descartes Visual Compliance–Export Documentation Manager is a simple system that anyone in your organization can use. Developing an export compliance program takes a lot of time and money—our software saves you both.

Delivers Proactive Compliance

When it comes to exporting, it is easy to miss a document, a signature, or an important classification code. Descartes Visual Compliance–Export Documentation Manager helps you mitigate the export process without breaking any rules. Our software is also compatible with our other solutions—like Descartes Visual Compliance–Export Documentation Manager.

A Solution that Grows with You

With no user caps, grow on your own terms and add additional users as needed. Our software evolves with your business, allowing you to add new features to your automated export system with ease.

Address Your Urgent Issues Today

Because Export Documentation Manager is online, it doesn't require costly technology or equipment to acquire and implement. You can start addressing your most pressing export problems—such as EEI and AES filing requirements—immediately.

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