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Trade with confidence—and save time, money and resources—with our automated system that simplifies the export process

Carry out multiple export compliance steps with one automated, streamlined solution

Descartes Visual Compliance–Export Documentation Manager helps you find the right export documentation and performs essential compliance activities, including restricted party screening, license determination, and Electronic Export Information (EEI) and AES filing and submissions as well as reporting requirements for exporters from Canada—wrapped up in one easy-to-use software solution.

No more headaches due to missing, incomplete or incorrect forms. Simplify your export compliance program with software designed with the user in mind.

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Key benefits for your organization

Built-In Compliance

With Descartes Visual Compliance, don't miss a single step with integrated compliance features, including restricted party screening, product classification verification (HTS, ECCN/USML and Hazmat), export licenses, audit capabilities, AES and EEI filing, reporting requirements for exporters from Canada, and more.

Avoid Costly Mistakes

Descartes Visual Compliance–Export Documentation Manager scans your export documentation before it is submitted, catching compliance errors and providing you with peace of mind.

Streamlines Your Export Process

Time is money in the world of business. Export Documentation Manager streamlines and presents your data in an easy-to-read format. Enter data for all forms from a single screen, quickly build shipment documentation from saved shipment templates, and build your own useful database of export classifications for future reference.

Standardize and Centralize

With full visibility of export activities, you can manage all your shipment information from a centralized location, standardizing your export processes to increase organizational efficiency.

Solution Highlights


Descartes Visual Compliance–Export Documentation Manager helps you prepare multiple export documents and distribute them to those who need them in a single step. With a range of available forms to choose from—including Bills of Lading, Shipper's Letter of Instruction (SLI), Commercial and Pro Forma Invoices and more—the system determines your required documents based on your shipment, and quickly builds documentation from saved shipment templates.


Stay on top of your AES filing with Descartes Visual Compliance–Export Documentation Manager. Our automated export system helps ensure that you are using the right forms, abiding by EEI filing requirements, submitting your export documentation to the correct parties, adhering to new government regulations—all the while helping you establish and maintain an export compliance program that is up to code.


Staying up-to-date with government regulations is no easy task. Classifications, procedures, and export requirements change frequently. Export Documentation Manager helps you take care of your EEI requirements and filings.


Descartes Visual Compliance–Export Documentation Manager provides centralized alerts and status dashboards that direct you to anything that requires your attention. It provides an instant snapshot of your compliance status, helps determine where your goods are in the export compliance process, provides a full range of status indicators, and alerts you to potential issues. All of these features help you take control of, and simplify, the export process.


Descartes Visual Compliance–Export Documentation Manager is easy to set up, easy to learn, and easy to master. Even better, it learns as you use it, allowing you to create an automated export system that is uniquely tailored to your business. The system builds databases with the information you enter, simplifying your EEI filing and saving you time on future shipments. Prefilled shipment templates for standard or repeat shipping patterns means reduced re-keying work for you, and company-wide documentation consistency.


If you submit your own automated export system (AES) submissions you can streamline your export procedures and save on third-party fees. Descartes Visual Compliance–Export Documentation Manager takes care of your AES filing by allowing you to directly submit your forms to U.S. Customs with a single click. It also completes AES pre-validating verification to help ensure first-time AES acceptance. Your AES confirmation numbers (ITNs) will be printed automatically for proof of filing. Our software even determines which shipments require AES filing and which ones are exempt. What could be easier?


"With this system I know we're doing things right. Even when I can't be there, I have such peace of mind knowing that we are compliant."

Christine, Export Strategy & Compliance, Retail

Why choose Descartes Visual Compliance?

Incredibly Intuitive

Descartes Visual Compliance–Export Documentation Manager is a simple system that anyone in your organization can use. Developing an export compliance program takes a lot of time and money—our software saves you both.

Delivers Proactive Compliance

When it comes to exporting, it is easy to miss a document, a signature, or an important classification code. Descartes Visual Compliance–Export Documentation Manager helps you mitigate the export process without breaking any rules. Our software is also compatible with our other solutions—like Descartes Visual Compliance–Export Documentation Manager.

A Solution that Grows with You

With no user caps, grow on your own terms and add additional users as needed. Our software evolves with your business, allowing you to add new features to your automated export system with ease.

Address Your Urgent Issues Today

Because Export Documentation Manager is online, it doesn't require costly technology or equipment to acquire and implement. You can start addressing your most pressing export problems—such as EEI and AES filing requirements—immediately.

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