Travel Risk Manager

Help ensure travelling staff have the appropriate licenses for their tech data and services, and help prevent the unauthorized transfer of controlled data

Maintain control over where your data travels

Descartes Visual Compliance–Travel Risk Manager gives you a centralized solution to review travel requests and help to ensure that controlled technologies are handled compliantly.

Travel Risk Manager


Key benefits for your organization

Centralized Review

With Descartes Visual Compliance, review, then approve or deny travel requests from a centralized location. Maintain a repository for your documents, and keep the related parties in the know.

Simplified Information Gathering

Create customized forms to collect travel details from stakeholders. Specify where additional information is needed and notify applicants directly.

One-click Restricted Party Screening

Integrated seamlessly with our Restricted Party Screening solutions to facilitate a robust, proactive screening process.

Comprehensive Recordkeeping

Maintain a record of your travel request activities, and prove your due diligence.

Detailed Information

Record the locations that will be visited; which of your products, documents, equipment, or other technology they will be carrying with them—including the content of electronic devices—and with which foreign nationals they may be meeting while outside the country.

Solution Highlights


Descartes Visual Compliance–Travel Risk Manager streamlines and simplifies the process of collecting information related to deemed export compliance. A simple interface provides users with easy to understand forms in order to submit the required information and file requests.


Administrators can review submissions, request more information, and approve or deny requests from within the system. Descartes Visual Compliance–Travel Risk Manager also provides you with easy access to cases for reference and guidance when determining what information is required.


Included as part of Descartes Visual Compliance–Travel Risk Manager is the ability to keep all parties up-to-date with the status of their site visit request. Set up user-defined email groups, or select individuals on a case-by-case basis, and help to ensure everyone involved is on the same page.


Descartes Visual Compliance–Travel Risk Manager blends seamlessly into your existing compliance programs by allowing you to create a centralized repository for your existing standard and frequently used forms, and providing you with the ability to create customizable forms to address changing needs.

"There's a lot more confidence in the compliance program. We're much more automated and organized now."

Anthony, Manager, Defense

Why choose Descartes Visual Compliance?

Easy to Use

We designed our solutions to feature easy-to-understand instructions, streamlined task workflows, and intuitive navigation controls to provide our customers with most optimal user experience.

Ongoing Training and Support

Our support doesn't stop once your screening solution is up-and-running. We are committed to working with you to help you maintain a strong compliance program. That's why you'll have a dedicated Customer Service Representative throughout your compliance journey.

Address Your Urgent Issues Today

Because Descartes Visual Compliance solutions are online, there are no complex setup process involved—you can solve your most pressing deemed export problems immediately. There's no technology to acquire or complicated implementation to plan; you simply start using the solution the way you need to.

Painless Implementation

Designed to be easily deployed, the typical Descartes Visual Compliance user is up-and-running within a day—addressing your compliance needs with minimal training while business carries on as usual.

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