“This rule requires that the final, comprehensive narrative account required in voluntary self-disclosures (VSDs) of violations of the Export Administration Regulations (EAR) be received by the Office of Export Enforcement (OEE) within 180 days of OEE’s receipt of the initial VSD notification. This rule also authorizes the use of delivery services other than registered or certified mail for providing notice of the issuance of a charging letter instituting an administrative enforcement proceeding under the EAR. It also removes the phrase ‘if delivery is refused’ from a provision related to determining the date that notice of a charging letter’s issuance is served based on an attempted delivery to the respondent’s last known address. The Bureau of Industry and Security is making these changes to be better able to resolve administrative enforcement proceedings in a timely manner and provide more efficient notice of administrative charging letters.”

78 FR 48601-06
Published 08-09-2013