“The Bureau of Industry and Security (BIS) is amending the Export Administration Regulations (EAR) by removing forty (40) persons from the Unverified List (‘UVL’) and adding twenty-six (26) persons to the UVL. The 40 persons are removed from the UVL on the basis that BIS was able to verify their bona fides (i.e., legitimacy and reliability relating to the end use and end user of items subject to the EAR) on the basis of a successful end-use check or because the companies are no longer registered to do business in the country of listing and are no longer involved in U.S. exports. The 26 persons are being added to the UVL on the basis that BIS could not verify their bona fides because an end-use check could not be completed satisfactorily for reasons outside the U.S. Government’s control.”

85 FR 64014-19
Published 10-09-2020