“Pursuant to Section 766.24 of the Export Administration Regulations (the ‘Regulations’ or ‘EAR’), I hereby grant the request of the Office of Export Enforcement (‘OEE’) to renew the March 23, 2015 Amended Order Temporarily Denying the Export Privileges of Flider Electronics, LLC, a/k/a Flider Electronics, d/b/a Trident International Corporation, d/b/a Trident International, d/b/a Trident International Corporation, LLC (‘Trident’ or ‘Flider Electronics, LLC, d/b/a Trident International Corporation’); Pavel Semenovich Flider a/k/a Pavel Flider (‘Pavel Flider’); and Gennadiy Semenovich Flider a/k/a Gennadiy Flider (‘Gennadiy Flider’).”

80 FR 56439-41 Published 09-18-2015