“The Bureau of Industry and Security is removing from the scope of items subject to the Export Administration Regulations ‘publicly available’ mass market encryption object code software with a symmetric key length greater than 64-bits, and ‘publicly available’ encryption object code classified under Export Control Classification Number (ECCN) 5D002 on the Commerce Control List when the corresponding source code meets the criteria specified under License Exception TSU. This change is being made pursuant to a determination by BIS that, because there are no regulatory restrictions on making such software ‘publicly available,’ and because, once it is ‘publicly available,’ by definition it is available for download by any end user without restriction, removing it from the jurisdiction of the EAR will have no effect on export control policy. This action will not result in the decontrol of source code classified under ECCN 5D002, but it will result in a simplification of the regulatory provisions for publicly available mass market software and specified encryption software in object code.”

76 FR 1059-63
Published 01-07-2011