“Pursuant to Section 766.24 of the Export Administration Regulations, 15 CFR parts 730 through 774 (2015)(‘EAR’ or the ‘Regulations’), I hereby grant the request of the Office of Export Enforcement (‘OEE’) to renew the January 16, 2015 Temporary Denial Order, as modified on May 21, 2015 (the’TDO’). The January 16, 2015 Order denied the export privileges of Mahan Airways, Pejman Mahmood Kosarayanifard, Mahmoud Amini, Kerman Aviation, Sirjanco Trading LLC, Ali Eslamian, Mahan Air General Trading LLC, Skyco (UK) Ltd., Equipco (UK) Ltd., and Mehdi Bahrami. The May 21, 2015 modification order added Al Naser Airlines, Ali Abdullah Alhay, and Bahar Safwa General Trading to the TDO as additional respondents… Pursuant to Sections 766.23 and 766.24(c) of the Regulations, OEE has requested that Sky Blue Bird Group and Issam Shammout be added to the TDO as related persons to Mahan Airways, Al Naser Airlines, and/or Ali Abdullah Alhay in order to prevent evasion of the TDO.”


SKY BLUE BIRD GROUP, (a.k.a. Sky Blue Bird Aviation, a.k.a. Sky Blue Bird Ltd, a.k.a. Sky Blue Bird FZC), P.O. Box 16111, Ras Al Khaimah Trade Zone, United Arab Emirates.

ISSAM SHAMMOUT, (a.k.a. Muhammad Isam Muhammad Anwar Nur Shammout, a.k.a. Issam Anwar), Philips Building, 4th Floor, Al Fardous Street, Damascus, Syria; and Al Kolaa, Beirut, Lebanon 151515; and 17–18 Margaret Street, 4th Floor, London, W1W 8RP, United Kingdom; and Cumhuriyet Mah. Kavakli San St. Fulya, Cad. Hazar Sok. No.14/A Silivri, Istanbul, Turkey.

80 FR 44930-36
Published 07-28-2015