“The Bureau of Industry and Security, U.S. Department of Commerce (‘BIS’), has notified Pouran Aazad, a.k.a. Pouran Azad, a.k.a. Pourandokt Aazad, a.k.a. Pourandokt Azad (‘Aazad’), Sadr Emad-Vaez, a.k.a. Seid Sadredin Emad Vaez (‘Emad-Vaez’), and Ghareh Sabz Co., a.k.a. Ghare Sabz Co., a.k.a. GHS Technology (‘Ghareh Sabz Co.’) (collectively ‘Respondents’) that it has initiated an administrative proceeding against them pursuant to Section 766.3 of the Export Administration Regulations (the ‘Regulations’), through the issuance of a Charging Letter to Respondents that alleges that Respondents have violated the Regulations. Aazad and Emad-Vaez are Iranian nationals and naturalized citizens of the United States, with last known addresses in Los Altos Hills, California; Ghareh Sabz Co. is an Iranian company, with last known addresses in Tehran, Iran.”


84 FR 33913-15
Published 07-16-2019