“The Bureau of Industry and Security (BIS) is publishing this final rule to amend the Export Administration Regulations (EAR) to implement the understandings reached at the 2005 Nuclear Suppliers Group (NSG) Plenary meeting held in Oslo, Norway; the 2012 NSG Plenary meeting held in Seattle, Washington; and the 2013 NSG Plenary meeting held in Prague, Czech Republic. This rule also implements a decision adopted under the NSG intersessional silent approval procedures in December 2009. Accordingly, this rule amends certain entries in Category 1 (‘Special Materials and Related Equipment’), Category 2 (‘Materials Processing’), Category 3 (‘Electronics’), and Category 6 (‘Sensors and Lasers’) of the Commerce Control List (CCL) to reflect changes in the Annex to the NSG ‘Guidelines for the Transfer of Nuclear-Related Dual-Use Equipment, Materials, Software and Related Technology’ (the NSG Annex) based on the understandings reached at the 2005, 2012, and 2013 NSG Plenary meetings and the aforementioned 2009 NSG intersessional decision. Consistent with the 2005 NSG understandings, this rule also amends the export licensing policies in the EAR that apply to items that require a license for nuclear nonproliferation (NP) reasons, or as a result of certain nuclear end-users or end-uses, by adding an additional factor that must be considered by BIS when it reviews license applications involving such items, end-users, and/or end-uses. The 2012 and 2013 NSG Plenary understandings are a continuation of the fundamental review of the NSG control lists that was launched at the 2010 NSG Plenary meeting in Christchurch, New Zealand. Finally, this rule amends the EAR to reflect the status of Croatia, Estonia, Iceland, Lithuania, Malta, Mexico, and Serbia as participating countries in the NSG, first, by adding these countries to the list of participating countries in the definition of ‘Nuclear Suppliers Group’ and to Country Group A:4 (Nuclear Suppliers Group countries) and, second, by removing the license requirements for exports and reexports to these countries of certain items controlled for nuclear nonproliferation (NP) reasons.”

79 FR 46315-33
Published 08-07-2014