“The Bureau of Industry and Security (BIS) publishes this final rule to amend the Export Administration Regulations (EAR) to implement the understandings reached at the June 2013 plenary meeting of the Australia Group (AG) and the December 2012 AG intersessional decisions. Specifically, this rule amends the Commerce Control List (CCL) entry in the EAR that controls equipment capable of handling biological materials to reflect the 2013 AG Plenary understanding that clarifies controls on fermenters, and certain components thereof, in the AG ‘Control List of Dual-Use Biological Equipment and Related Technology and Software.’ This rule also amends the CCL entry that controls certain animal pathogens to reflect a recommendation made at the 2013 AG Plenary meeting, which was later adopted pursuant to the AG silent approval procedure, to revise the AG ‘List of Animal Pathogens for Export Control’ to clarify the controls on the Lyssavirus genus. In addition, this rule amends the EAR to reflect the addition of Mexico as a participating country in the AG following the 2013 AG Plenary meeting. The recommendations agreed to through the silent approval procedure included changes to the controls on Clostridium perfringens in the AG ‘List of Biological Agents for Export Control’ and changes to the description of ‘genetic elements,’ which are included in three of the AG common control lists. This rule also amends the CCL entry that controls chemical manufacturing facilities and equipment to reflect the AG intersessional decision to clarify the controls that apply to certain agitators for use in reaction vessels or reactors described in the CCL entry and to impellers, blades or shafts designed for such agitators. This rule also adds a License Exception STA paragraph to the CCL entry that controls human and zoonotic pathogens and toxins to clarify the scope of eligible items. Finally, this rule amends the EAR to reflect the addition of Somalia and Syria as States Parties to the Chemical Weapons Convention (CWC).”

79 FR 16664-68
Published 03-26-2014