“In the Matter of: Chan Heep Loong, 95 Havelock Road, 14-583, Singapore, 160095 SG; Respondent. Pursuant to the default procedures set forth in Sec. 766.7 of the Regulations, I find the allegations contained in the charging letter to be fact; and hereby determine that those facts establish Chan Heep Loong committed two violations of Sec. 764.2(b) of the Regulations and one violation of Section 764.2(k) of the Regulations. Section 764.3 of the Regulations establishes the sanctions BIS may seek for the violations charged in this proceeding. Sanctions potentially sought in this case include a civil monetary penalty, suspension from practice before the Department of Commerce, and a denial of export privileges under the Regulations. See 15 CFR 764.3. BIS requests I recommend to the Under Secretary of Commerce for Industry and Security that Chan Heep Loong’s export privileges under the Regulations be denied for ten (10) years. BIS believes that imposition of a civil penalty in this case would be ineffective and argues that a denial is justified because of the nature of Chan Heep Loong’s multiple violations and his demonstrated disregard for U.S. export control laws including the longstanding U.S. trade embargo against Iran and a TDO issued against him by BIS.”

78 FR 45497-02
Published 07-29-2013