“As part of the President’s Export Control Reform (ECR) Initiative, this ANPRM requests comments on the feasibility of positively identifying ‘specially designed’ ‘components’ on the Commerce Control List (CCL) so as to decrease the use of the term, which appears extensively throughout the CCL, and thereby facilitate enhanced public compliance with the Export Administration Regulations. Specifically, the Bureau of Industry and Security is evaluating whether it is feasible to create exhaustive lists of the ‘specially designed’ ‘components’ referred to in certain Export Control Classification Numbers on the CCL that currently use ‘specially designed’ catch-all paragraphs, and seeks public input to assist in this evaluation. If BIS ultimately determines that such lists might be beneficial, it intends to submit these findings to the appropriate multilateral export control
regimes in the normal course of list proposal changes. The request for comments in this ANPRM is part of Commerce’s retrospective plan under EO 13563 completed in August 2011. Commerce’s full plan can be accessed at: http://open.commerce.gov/news/2011/08/23/commerce-plan-retrospectiveanalysis-existing-rules.””

77 FR 36419-23
Published 06-19-2012