“On April 19, 2024, BIS published in the Federal Register an interim final rule (IFR), ‘Export Control Revisions for Australia, United Kingdom, United States (AUKUS) Enhanced Trilateral Security Partnership.’ The April 19 IFR removed license requirements, expanded the availability of license exceptions, and reduced the scope of end- use and end-user-based license requirements for exports, reexports, and transfers (in-country) to or within Australia and the United Kingdom (UK) to enhance technological innovation among the three countries and support the goals of the AUKUS Trilateral Security Partnership. This correction revises a footnote included in the April 19 IFR to add greater specificity for the Export Control Classification Numbers (ECCN) referenced, so only portions of those 0x5zz ECCNs in the footnote that were previously controlled for national security column 1 (NS1) or regional stability column 1 (RS1) reasons for control for the destinations of Australia and the United Kingdom will continue to require a license to Australia and the United Kingdom based on the license requirements specified in this footnote.”

89 FR 38837-38
Published 05-08-2024