“Acting under the authority of and in accordance with section 1(a)(ii)(B) of E.O. 13224, I hereby determine that the persons known as: Mohamed Mire; Yasir Jiis; Yusuf Ahmed Hajji Nurow (also known as Gees Ade, Abdurrahman Footade); Mohamoud Abdi Aden (also known as Mohamed Yare, Mohamud Abdi Aden, Mohamed Hassan, Mohamud Abdirahman, Mahamoud Abdirahman, Mohamed Abdi Aden, Mahdi Sayid, Moalim Ibrahim, Moalim Mahadi); and Mustaf `Ato (also known as Abdi Karim Ato) are leaders of al-Shabaab, a group whose property and interests in property are currently blocked pursuant to a determination by the Secretary of State pursuant to E.O. 13224.”

87 FR 65637
Published 10-31-2022