“This rule amends the Export Administration Regulations to create License Exception Support for the Cuban People (SCP) to authorize the export and reexport of certain items to Cuba that are intended to improve the living conditions of the Cuban people; support independent economic activity and strengthen civil society in Cuba; and improve the free flow of information to, from, and among the Cuban people. It also amends existing License Exception Consumer Communications Devices (CCD) by eliminating the donation requirement, thereby authorizing sales of certain communications items to eligible end users in Cuba. Additionally, it amends License Exception Gift Parcels and Humanitarian Donations (GFT) to authorize exports of multiple gift parcels in a single shipment. Lastly, this rule establishes a general policy of approval for exports and reexports to Cuba of items for the environmental protection of U.S. and international air quality, and waters, and coastlines. These actions are among those announced by the President on December 17, 2014, aimed at supporting the ability of the Cuban people to gain greater control over their own lives and determine their country’s future.”

80 FR 2286-91
Published 01-16-2015