Denied Party Trade Content

You've made a significant investment in a quality ERP system that includes Global Trade Management software. Now you need the Trade Content necessary to support your compliance processes

Accurate, high quality trade content you can rely on, in the format that you need

Descartes Visual Compliance–Trade Content provides the Sanctioned Party Lists you need to keep your transactions compliant and business running smoothly. Select what you require from our accurate, up-to-date content available in standard formats.
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Key benefits for your organization

Simple Implementation

Our trade content comes in formats ready-made for your ERP. Whether you're implementing trade data for the first time or you're looking to switch from your current provider Trade Content For Restricted Party Screening by Descartes Visual Compliance, we make the transition easy, with no need to reconfigure your ERP.

Reliable Updates

Every day our researchers scan the Sanctioned Party Lists (SPL) for changes published by the government. Our automated tools deliver the updates to your system, so you have the most current data.

Comprehensive Watch Lists

With hundreds of lists against which you can choose to screen, Descartes Visual Compliance–Trade Content For Restricted Party Screening takes care of all your compliance requirements in one solution. We provide a comprehensive set of U.S. and Global List Groups (Export-related Restricted, Denied, and Blocked Persons; OFAC, Law Enforcement-Related Wanted Persons; International, and more).

Multiple Formats Available

Choose the restricted party list format that suits your business requirements, with options that include Oracle® GTM and SAP® GTS.

Solution Highlights


From an IT perspective, the more that can be automated, the better, especially when it comes to things that need to be done daily.

We've designed our content updating service with this in mind, delivering the current, accurate content needed directly into your system, already updated and sorted. Our automated technology means you don't have to worry about fetching the data—it comes to you ready-to-go.


Whether you're implementing a Global Trade Management system for the first time or switching from another provider, the easiest way to get started is with a solution that simply plugs in and is ready-to-go.

Our file formats are ready-made for your ERP or other business system, so using Descartes Visual Compliance–Trade Content For Restricted Party Screening is simple. We have the available list formats to suit your needs—whether you use Oracle GTM™ or SAP GTS™ or another system—giving you the confidence that it will be a smooth implementation.


Descartes Visual Compliance offers a robust, up-to-date database of hundreds of watch lists that includes lists from government authorities on six continents, as well as a global lists maintained by multinational bodies such as the United Nations and the World Bank.

In addition to these lists, Descartes Visual Compliance is able to include supplementary watch lists as required by our clients, and our solutions include features that allow you to create your own unique screening list of customers.


With the fast-paced, ever-changing nature of compliance, simply keeping up can be a time-consuming task. A solution that lessens the impact of ongoing changes can help support your overall compliance goals.

Our Research and Content Group stays on top of frequent changes and provides updates accordingly. We distill the information and deliver it to you through automatic updates and email notifications to keep you in the loop. Meticulously reviewing content, verifying facts, and cross-referencing data against multiple government sources—our rigorous process means you can trust that we're on top of it, so you can concentrate on other things that matter to your business.

"It's consistently reliable, and the Denied Parties Lists are kept updated."

Shauna, Systems Manager, IT Industry

Why choose Descartes Visual Compliance?

Our Knowledge of Popular Systems

We are a Microsoft® Silver Partner, an Oracle® Gold Partner, and have integrated our solutions with many other popular systems, including SAP® and Salesforce®.

Our Expertise and Commitment

Our team of dedicated in-house experts includes licensed professionals, as well as compliance experts, seasoned IT professionals, project management and training specialists.

A True Compliance Partner

We're active participants in the global trade management community, committed to ongoing learning and growth. We understand the needs of a diverse group of companies and industries, and this knowledge feeds back into the design and delivery of our solutions.

We're Trusted Across the Globe

Some of the most trusted and progressive industry leaders from around the world choose Descartes Visual Compliance–Trade Content For Restricted Party Screening because they're confident in what we provide them and our ability to support them in the future.

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