Denied and Restricted Party Screening

Comply with international trade regulations and reduce the risk of negative impacts to the bottom line.

Whether online or integrated into your operations, our restricted party screening helps mitigate third party risk and increase efficiency.


Descartes Visual Compliance Restricted Party Screening helps organizations meet compliance obligations with ease, efficiency, and unmatched reliability.

Our screening platform is trusted and recommended by customers worldwide to deliver fast, accurate, and valid results. Whether an organization needs to screen on an ad hoc basis or is looking for automated solutions to fit into existing business systems, Descartes Visual Compliance Restricted Party Screening can help. Affordable and modular, our screening platform helps organizations get up-and-running quickly and add supplementary options should requirements change.

Denied and Restricted Party Screening Software

See how Descartes Visual Compliance Restricted Party Screening can help save time and money, and prevent delays caused by compliance errors.

Restricted Party Screening FAQ

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"By automating screening of our trade partner database against denied party lists, Argosy has realized a 75% productivity gain. Descartes Visual Compliance has allowed us to focus more resources on international growth, better mitigate risk, and ensure we achieve 100% trade compliance rates."

Screening solutions for every step of the international trade, export, and financial compliance journey—from beginning to end.

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Our expertise and experience set us apart

Our platform is trusted and recommended by customers worldwide to improve the efficiency of compliance teams and strengthen organizational governance, risk, and compliance processes. Infused with more than 40 years of collective wisdom from users like you, Descartes Visual Compliance has helped organizations around the world reach the highest export compliance standards while reducing the risk of negative impacts to the bottom line. Our easy to implement, cloud-based restricted party screening platform delivers accurate results, reduces false positives, and provides visibility and vetting methodology on priority items in a centralized workflow format with an automatically generated audit trail.

Solution Highlights


Ensure everyone in your organization is on the same page and using the same screening processes. Our compliance platform works the way you work and fits in seamlessly with your regular business processes.

Descartes Visual Compliance enables the visibility that supports effective company-wide compliance, helping to ensure that domestic and international compliance requirements are met.


Screening for denied parties is not one-size-fits all. To help ensure compliance, screening solutions need to easily fit into an organization's existing workflows.

Descartes Visual Compliance offers multiple ways to screen, designed to fit seamlessly with a wide range of existing processes and minimize disruptions. No matter what their business requirements are, there is an easy and effective way for any organizations to get screening done.


To facilitate easy adoption, Descartes Visual Compliance was designed with the user in mind. Featuring easy-to-understand instructions, streamlined task workflows, and intuitive navigation controls, our platform provides users with not only advanced screening, but also an optimal user experience.


Spend less time wondering if the results returned are a true match. With Descartes Visual Compliance, you receive highly detailed easy-to-interpret background information for each result, organized in a way that is simple to understand and act on. To streamline the decision-making process, the platform provides unique alert level system to help prioritize your next steps.


Designed to be easily deployed, the typical Descartes Visual Compliance user is up-and-running within a day—with minimal training required—helping business carry on as usual. The onboarding process is straightforward, and a dedicated Customer Success Representative will be available to lend a hand whenever required.


Automating the screening process through integration with business systems can help reduce oversight and human error. Whether the organization is looking to integrate with their Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), Customer Relationship Management (CRM), ecommerce, or other business systems, Descartes Visual Compliance has flexible configuration options that help to ensure integrated screening is implemented quickly and simply with ready-made solutions that require little-to-no setup or ongoing maintenance. This helps ensure screening fits into current processes, and allows for screening at multiple points, multiple departments, and across multiple systems, including Microsoft Dynamics®, Oracle®, Salesforce®, SAP®, Infor®, custom-built and legacy systems, and virtually any other system capable of consuming web services.


When screening yields a match, can you be certain the results are being actioned appropriately? Descartes Visual Compliance's automated workflow helps manage the necessary actions that follow a potential match. If necessary, Descartes Visual Compliance helps facilitate consulting with other members of the compliance team, by providing built-in mechanisms to relay organized, detailed information to the right people to help them efficiently escalate or clear the match and record the rationale behind their decisions.


To help provide detailed proof of due diligence, Descartes Visual Compliance automatically documents the who, when, what and why of screening activities for internal use or for an official audit, allowing users to easily demonstrate their compliance activities.


Be confident that you are searching relevant watch lists and more. Descartes Visual Compliance offers a robust, up-to-date database that includes lists from government authorities on six continents, as well as global lists maintained by multinational bodies such as the United Nations and the World Bank.

Additionally, organizations can include supplementary watch lists as required, and create their own unique screening lists.


To help reduce the risk of violations, Descartes Visual Compliance features risk country notifications that identify countries facing sanctions and embargoes.


Our database of watch lists, sanctions, and embargoes is updated whenever the government publishes changes, helping to ensure your compliance program is working with the most up-to-date information available.


We pride ourselves not only on providing best in class solutions, but in maintaining strong relationships with all our users. From addressing and resolving customer issues to meeting new government international trade compliance initiatives in a timely manner, Descartes Visual Compliance offers extensive training, technical support, and regulatory-related product updates.


Descartes Visual Compliance users benefit not only from our technical expertise, but also from the collective insight of our large and diverse customer base. Included with a subscription is access to an online community that helps users get the most out of their Descartes Visual Compliance solution. Users can find useful tips and techniques for using the platform, along with Frequently Asked Questions from their peers in the trade compliance community.


Organizational needs change as they grow. Descartes Visual Compliance’s multiple deployment options help ensure that, regardless of how large, diversified, or geographically spread out an organization becomes, they can maintain a consistent level of compliance.


Organizations can be sure their data is secure in our hands. Descartes Visual Compliance has been a SaaS leader from the beginning and has remained on top of security concerns by implementing safeguards at every opportunity. Our platform is hosted in secure, SSAE16 environments to keep data secure and available to our customers 24/7. Descartes Visual Compliance is compliant with the requirements as stated in the ISO/IEC 27001:2013 standard and is SOC 2 compliant and certified.

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