Twas the night before audit, at a busy workplace

But surprisingly, smiles were on everyone’s face

Restricted and denied party screening all done,

ECCN/USML codes were correct, every one;

Travelling staff’s documents were fully filled out

The Technology Control Plan left no compliance doubts;

Deemed export violations kept confidently at bay,

And ITAR license applications all underway;

The company’s records were painstakingly kept

Five years, as export compliance authorities expect;

No confusion about where all the records were stored

For since the company automated, order was completely restored!

Knowing the government would soon knock on the door

All employees knew what was expected, and more.

An internal self-audit covered all of the bases

Passed with flying colours – they were off to the races!

Maybe your turn for an audit is nigh

There’s no need to worry, there’s no need to cry

Your team can be smiling, and all in good cheer,

If your export compliance plan is fully in gear.

For restricted and denied party screening, take heed

Visual Compliance is the reliable search engine you need

When you’re classifying items, whether defense or not

Do your research, ask questions, and use the experts you’ve got.

Audit recording for all that you do is essential;

Disorganization is most consequential.

Train staff at all levels to use common sense,

To ensure they can always prove due diligence.

Keep all this in mind and you’ll surely succeed,

Your export compliance program will shine indeed!

So to companies and universities alike,

Audit-readiness to all, Happy Holidays and good night!