Descartes Global Trade Intelligence executives discussing in a video, the impact of Salesforce sanctions screening in the sales process.

Global sanction screening software that checks for OFAC and other restricted and denied parties directly in Salesforce®

Descartes Visual Compliance-Verification for Sales automatically checks Leads, Contacts, and Accounts against government-issued lists of individuals and businesses with whom you cannot do business, or with whom there may be restrictions. Our Salesforce® plugin performs the search directly in your existing platform, giving you the reassurance that your business is, and remains, compliant in a challenging regulatory environment.

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How We’ve Helped Customers Succeed

Movella review for Visual Compliance Salesforce


With its international operations and the global expansion of Movella in recent years, the need for an easy-to-use automated screening solution that could be integrated into the existing sales platform was mission critical.


EDB review for Visual Compliance Salesforce


Learn why enterprise-class software provider EDB chose Descartes Visual Compliance to help manage their global sanctions screening requirements in Salesforce.


Why Descartes Visual Compliance–Verification for Sales?

Compliance is within easy reach

  • Simultaneously Check your Leads, Contacts and Accounts against a comprehensive set of lists including OFAC, BIS, General Services Administration and Specially Designated Nationals
  • Know whether it’s safe to do business the minute you enter a Lead, Contact or Account
  • Easy-to-run audit reports provide proof of your Restricted Party Screening activities

Integrates seamlessly with your Salesforce® system

  • Verification is automatic and results are returned directly in Salesforce®
  • Works behind the scenes to enhance your current Salesforce® application
  • Ready-made and automated—you simply add it to your existing Salesforce® platform