Restricted and denied party screening software that checks your customers and vendors against government and international lists, directly in NetSuite.

Visual Compliance's integrated screening solution for NetSuite® automatically checks your customers, vendors, and records against government maintained lists of individuals and businesses with whom you cannot do business. Simultaneously, it also helps you to comply with government regulations relating to sanctioned and embargoed countries. All of this happens automatically, without adding any extra steps for you, the user.

With Visual Compliance for NetSuite you can be assured that denied and restricted party, and sanctioned and embargoed country screening is being done consistently, reliably, automatically—and directly in your NetSuite® application, helping your business remain compliant in a challenging regulatory environment.

Why Visual Compliance for NetSuite?

Affordable compliance is within easy reach

  • Automatically checks customers, suppliers, visitors, end users and others against a comprehensive set of U.S. government and international sanctioned party lists.
  • Screening is automatic and results are returned directly in NetSuite®.

  • Provides superior record-keeping capabilities and a built-in audit trail.

Integrates seamlessly with NetSuite®

  • Configuration is simple and versatile; the ready-made, automated app plugs seamlessly into your existing NetSuite® platform.
  • Searches international trade content data that's refreshed daily.

  • Ready made and automated—just add it to your existing NetSuite CRM and ERP, and you're ready to go!

Visual Compliance is an Oracle Gold Partner and an Authorized Trade Content Provider.