Why Descartes Visual Compliance for Microsoft Dynamics 365?

Because staying compliant doesn't have to be difficult! It was that thinking—that trade, financial and export-related compliance can be effortless—that went into developing our automated Descartes Visual Compliance–Integrated Screening designed for ease-of-use in Microsoft Dynamics 365 environments and business systems.

Built upon our renowned Descartes Visual Compliance suite of compliance solutions, it's the same software that has seamlessly integrated into a variety business systems around the globe.


Descartes Visual Compliance for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Features:

How they benefit you:

Helps to keep your business compliant with mandatory international trade, export, and OFAC regulations.

Reduces the chance that your business will be subjected to fines, denial of export privileges, criminal charges, and negative media attention.
Notifies you immediately whether a new customer or potential business partner is present on a denied party watch list.
Shortens the time spent pursuing leads with whom you cannot do business.
Offers flexibility in results reporting and sends real-time alerts for immediate intervention.
You determine who within your organization receives flagged search results, and how to handle them.

Integrates seamlessly with your existing Microsoft Dynamics 365 environment.

Our implementation team will work to ensure that your business processes are undisrupted and that your new solution is up and running ASAP.
Searches against a variety of restricted, denied and sanctioned parties lists. Including those published by OFAC (such as Specially Designated Nationals), BIS, law enforcement and more.
You can be assured that you're screening against U.S. and international lists that cover export, trade, and financial (OFAC) transactions.
Checks for sanctioned and restricted parties automatically, in real time, whenever you enter a new customer, supplier, or other party, or modify an existing one.
Compliance management is straightforward and simple. Screening results are returned immediately, allowing you to make determinations without disruption or delay.

Eliminates time spent manually searching restricted party lists.

Frees up additional resources for core business activities.

Pulls reports of your sanctioned party screening activity with ease.

View the history of your sanctioned party screening activity; filter and search by multiple search criteria including names and dates.

Up-to-date, comprehensive international trade content data that's refreshed daily.

Feel confident that results returned are current and accurate while reducing the chance that an individual or entity will slip through the cracks.