Online Denied Party Screening

Online Denied Party Screening is the quickest way to get a new export compliance program up-and-running, or fill in the gaps in your existing process

The quickest way to get compliant today

Descartes Visual Compliance–Online Screening gives you the ability to easily screen customers, vendors and anyone else you do business with, and instantaneously receive results that are accurate and easy-to-interpret.
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Key benefits for your organization

Instant Deployment

With Online Screening by Descartes Visual Compliance, we can have you up-and-running immediately with a system users can access from anywhere at any time.

Robust Search Capabilities

Through a number of proprietary methodologies, Descartes Visual Compliance's advanced meta search engine delivers quality screening results you can rely on.

Advanced Search Options

Our available search options (such as exact, fuzzy and phonetic) give you the flexibility to modify your search and get the results you need.

Easy to Understand Results

Your results arrive back quickly and easy to interpret—prioritized by relevant details so you can take appropriate action.

Notifications and Escalation

Descartes Visual Compliance includes options for notifications and escalation allowing you to ensure the right individuals are informed immediately in the event of a match.


Descartes Visual Compliance's accurate recordkeeping and audit-ready capabilities mean you can demonstrate due diligence quickly with confidence.

Denied Party Screening FAQ

Questions about Denied Party Screening?

Odds are, we have the answers. Visit our FAQ page or contact us today—we'll be happy to help.

Solution Highlights


You may have an established compliance process that ensures your local compliance requirements are met, but in an international marketplace you also need to be able to deploy your screening software globally. Ensuring everyone is on the same page and using the same screening processes is tough to achieve unless you have software that works the way you work, and fits in seamlessly with your regular business processes.

Descartes Visual Compliance addresses your needs with a single platform. Our solution works for everyone who screens in your organization and enables the visibility that supports effective company-wide compliance.


With restricted parties screening, it's not about catching the lowest or the highest number, it's about catching the right number.

Descartes Visual Compliance–Restricted Party Screening solutions use powerful search algorithms to intelligently assess your screening criteria and deliver the relevant matches you need to make an informed decision.


Our support doesn't stop once your screening solution is up-and-running. We are committed to working with you to help you maintain a strong compliance program. That's why you'll have a dedicated Customer Service Representative throughout your compliance journey.

Participate in individual or team online training, learn at your own pace with our full library of training videos, and benefit from the collective wisdom in our Best Practices online community — it's all available to you as part of your Descartes Visual Compliance–Restricted Party Screening experience.


It's not only who you do business with but which countries are involved. An individual or a company may not appear on a restricted parties list, but dealing with them may violate sanctions or embargoes.

Each time you screen with Descartes Visual Compliance, your results return risk country notifications, alerting you to any problem countries named during the screening process. Risk countries can include embargoed countries, sanctioned countries, OFAC restricted countries, foreign-produced direct product re-exports and transshipment country prohibitions.

"Descartes Visual Compliance is the restricted party screening tool of choice here. All of our trade compliance officers in North America, Europe and Asia appreciate the screening solution and agree that it's accurate, dependable and user friendly."

Terri, Legal Department, Aerospace & Defense Industry

Why choose Descartes Visual Compliance?

Incredibly Intuitive

Descartes Visual Compliance is a simple and intuitive system that anyone in your organization can use quickly and easily.

Dedicated Service

Our customer service teams and regulatory compliance specialists have the necessary expertise to help support your compliance process from day one onward. Additionally, your dedicated service representative is there to help you every step of the way.

Modular Approach

We provide an à la carte menu of compliance solutions, which allows you to focus on your key risk management needs. As your business needs change, Descartes Visual Compliance adapts to support you.

Our Clients are Our Best Advocates

Those who use Descartes Visual Compliance love it, it's as simple as that. Our greatest advocates are our clients. Our diverse client base includes organizations in every industry, in locations all around the globe.

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For more information about restricted and denied party screening software solutions

To learn more, call toll-free 1-877-328-7866 (Intl: 716-881-2590) and talk to one of our compliance consultants. They'll help you analyze your restricted and denied party screening requirements, evaluate your options, and provide focused software demonstrations.