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Restricted party screening lists change almost every day. It may be alright to do business with a person or company today, but dealing with them tomorrow could constitute a compliance violation

Be compliant today and stay compliant tomorrow

Descartes Visual Compliance–Dynamic Screening keeps your compliance up-to-date by automatically re-screening your customers, vendors, and other business partners whenever the government makes changes to denied or restricted parties lists.
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Key benefits for your organization

Screen Once and Rest Assured

With Descartes Visual Compliance, screen your contacts once and Dynamic Screening will automatically re-screen them whenever the government updates denied parties lists, alerting you to any potential changes in compliance status.

Receive Alerts When Risks Detected

Receive alerts that quickly highlight your matches to help you stop compliance issues before they happen.

Reliable Proof of Due Diligence

In addition to re-screening your vendors, customers and contacts whenever government lists change, Dynamic Screening also updates your defensible audit trail. You're always ready to prove your due diligence.

Seamless Implementation

We make implementation simple. All you need to do is let us know who should receive the denied party screening alerts, we take care of the rest.

Denied Party Screening FAQ

Questions about Denied Party Screening?

Odds are, we have the answers. Visit our FAQ page or contact us today—we'll be happy to help.

Solution Highlights


With all the different company sizes and industries we service, it only makes sense to offer screening solutions with a variety of deployment options.

With Descartes Visual Compliance you can mix and match solutions depending on your requirements. You may want an online option to ad hoc screen a new customer or the occasional visitor to your premises, or batch screen for regular reviews of your customer list. You may prefer a solution that's integrated with your Microsoft Dynamics®, Oracle®, Salesforce®, SAP®, ERP, CRM, eCommerce or other system, so that screening happens automatically. Our customers love that they can choose multiple ways to deploy our software, and that no matter what their business requirements are, there's an easy and effective way to get their screening done.


Ideally, companies want a high level of compliance without using significant or unnecessary resources to achieve it.

Descartes Visual Compliance offers restricted parties screening solutions that are both cost-effective and efficient. Our intelligent algorithm delivers superior results that are easy to understand and act on. Optional re-screening lets you screen once and move on. As well, the automated audit trail generates due diligence proof as you screen. Descartes Visual Compliance is designed to save you time with everything you do.


If restricted party screening results are difficult to understand, or are missing relevant details, how will you know which results need your immediate focus?

With Descartes Visual Compliance, you receive highly-detailed background information for each restricted party screening result, and your data is organized in a way that is simple to understand and act on. Find out in an instant exactly what your screening results mean with our unique alert level system that helps prioritize your next steps.


It's common to have ongoing business with your customers, suppliers, and other partners, such as fulfilling an order over a period of months, reordering as a buyer, making payments, or other everyday activities.

Actively re-screening your vendors, customers, and other contacts against updates to government denied, sanctioned and restricted parties lists is one of the best ways to keep your company ahead of potential compliance issues.

The Descartes Visual Compliance–Dynamic Screening solution works behind the scenes, seamlessly delivering the most up-to-date screening results by automatically re-screening your contacts whenever the government changes restricted parties lists or export compliance regulations. If any status changes are detected, you receive a detailed alert warning you of the new match.

Optionally add Dynamic Screening to your Online, Integrated, or Batch Screening process to screen only once and rest assured that if you're compliant today, you'll also be compliant tomorrow.

"Descartes Visual Compliance is the restricted party screening tool of choice here. All of our trade compliance officers in North America, Europe and Asia appreciate the screening service and agree that it's accurate, dependable and user friendly."

Terri, Legal Department, Aerospace & Defense Industry

Why choose Descartes Visual Compliance?

Compliance Innovation

We remain at the forefront of delivering innovative regulatory compliance solutions because we heavily invest in research and development and are committed to sharing the benefits with our customers.

Modular Approach

We provide an à la carte menu of compliance solutions, which allows you to focus on your key risk management needs. As your business needs change, Descartes Visual Compliance adapts to support you.

Dedicated Service

Our service teams and regulatory compliance specialists have the necessary expertise to help support your compliance process from day one onward. As well, your dedicated service representative is there to help you every step of the way.

Trusted Quality

With over 35 years of development in the compliance business, our Descartes Visual Compliance solutions have proven their quality and are trusted by thousands of customers from every industry.

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