Dynamic Screening

Keep your compliance up to date by automatically re-screening your business partners as lists change

Be Compliant Today and Stay Compliant Tomorrow

It may be alright to do business with a person or company today but dealing with them tomorrow could constitute a compliance violation. Descartes Visual Compliance helps organizations avoid violations by automatically re-screening records against daily changes made to denied parties list

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Key benefits for your organization

Proactive Compliance

Gain the peace of mind that comes from knowing that the compliance status of your contacts, vendors, customers, and other business partners is automatically kept up to date.

Don't Change Your Workflows

With Descartes Visual Compliance Dynamic Screening working behind the scenes, the business of doing business can continue without unnecessary interruptions.

Screen Once and Move On

Once a record is screened, it is automatically added to your Descartes Visual Compliance Dynamic Screening list, eliminating the need to manually screen repeat business partners, and reducing the workload of your compliance team.

Improve Consistency

Ensure everyone in your organization is on the same page and using the same screening processes. Descartes Visual Compliance helps support organization-wide compliance by providing a SaaS-driven solution with worldwide access, 24/7.

Frequently asked questions about Denied and Restricted Party Screening

Questions about Denied Party Screening?

Odds are, we have the answers. Visit our FAQ page or contact us today—we'll be happy to help.

Solution Highlights


Spend less time wondering if the results returned are a true match. With Descartes Visual Compliance, you receive highly detailed easy-to-interpret background information for each result, organized in a way that is simple to understand and act on. To streamline the decision-making process, the platform provides a unique alert level system to help prioritize your next steps.


To help provide detailed proof of due diligence, Descartes Visual Compliance automatically documents the who, when, what and why of screening activities for internal use or for an official audit, allowing users to easily demonstrate their compliance activities.


Descartes Visual Compliance helps organizations avoid violations involving sanctioned individuals or entities, and embargoed countries. Screening identifies individual and country restrictions, and risk country notifications identify countries facing sanctions and embargoes.


Our database of watch lists, sanctions, and embargoes is updated whenever the government publishes changes, helping to ensure your compliance program is working with the most up-to-date information available.

"Descartes Visual Compliance is the restricted party screening tool of choice here. All of our trade compliance officers in North America, Europe, and Asia appreciate the screening service and agree that it's accurate, dependable and user friendly."

Terri, Legal Department, Aerospace & Defense Industry

Why choose Descartes Visual Compliance?

Accurate and Comprehensive List Library

Be confident that you are searching relevant watch lists and more. Descartes Visual Compliance offers a database that includes lists from government authorities on six continents, as well as lists maintained by multinational bodies such as the United Nations and the World Bank.

Always Here to Help

From addressing customer issues to meeting new government trade compliance initiatives, Descartes Visual Compliance provides extensive training, technical support, and regulatory-related product updates.

Keep Pace with Growth

Multiple deployment options help ensure that, regardless of how large, diversified, or geographically spread out an organization becomes, they can maintain a consistent level of compliance.

Get Up-and-Running Quickly

The typical Descartes Visual Compliance user is up-and-running within a day—with minimal training required—helping businesses carry on as usual. The onboarding process is straightforward, and a dedicated Customer Success Representative will be available to lend a hand whenever required.

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