Schedule B Search Engine and Classification Solution

Determine the proper export classifications using Descartes Visual Compliance's Schedule B search engine.

Classify your products for export—quickly and easily

Our Schedule B Search Engine provides an efficient way to streamline the process of determining the correct classifications of your goods.

Schedule B Search Engine and Classification


Key benefits for your organization

Multiple Drill-Down Options

With Descartes Visual Compliance's Schedule B Search Engine, quickly navigate to access the information you need to make the right classification decisions. Our drill-down methodology includes a comprehensive Harmonized System hierarchy and a Chapter drill-down that facilitates simple searches by category.

Support Information

Reference details help support you in making the correct classification decisions. Chapter drill-downs include related Sections, Chapters, and Explanatory Notes.

Search by Keyword

Our Schedule B search engine helps you quickly find the appropriate Schedule B codes. Search by keyword or phrase, or by using partial codes to locate your item.

Related Rulings

The Descartes Visual Compliance Schedule B search engine features a robust database of more than 100,000 classification rulings. Potential rulings on similarly classified products will appear alongside the other details you need to accurately classify your exports.

Solution Highlights


Our Research and Content Group stays on top of frequent changes and provides updates accordingly. Our rigorous process means you can trust that we're on top of it, so you can concentrate on other things that matter to your business.


Use Descartes Visual Compliance–Export Classification Solutions' ability to record your decision-making rationale and classification decisions within a Product Matrix. This gives you the ability to record and review why particular classification numbers were chosen for specific products, and decide if previous decisions were justified.

"There is a Schedule B number for every physical product, from paperclips to airplanes."

Why choose Descartes Visual Compliance?

Global Compliance Platform

You may have an established compliance process that ensures your local compliance requirements are met, but in an international marketplace you also need to be able to employ global classification. Ensuring everyone is on the same page and using the same processes is tough to achieve unless you have a solution that works the way you work, and fits in seamlessly with your regular business processes.

Our solutions work for everyone in your organization and enable the visibility that supports effective company-wide compliance.

Modular Approach

We provide an a la carte menu of compliance solutions, which allows you to focus on your key classification needs. As your business needs change, Descartes Visual Compliance can adapt to support you.

Efficient and Accurate

Descartes Visual Compliance's classification solutions make finding the information you need quick and simple. With multiple ways to search and access to government regulations from around the world, you can feel confident that you're finding the correct classification and tariff information for all of your imports and exports.

Trusted Quality

Over 35 years of development and fine-tuning have gone into Descartes Visual Compliance solutions. We pride ourselves on staying at the forefront of trade compliance trends, and our solutions have proven their quality and are trusted by thousands of customers from every industry.

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