Product Trade Manager

Product Trade Manager gives you the power to organize, classify and review your product trade information so you can manage your compliance requirements with confidence

Securely maintain and verify your products, classification codes and other trade information

Descartes Visual Compliance–Product Trade Manager saves all of your tariff and classification codes, while managing other essential product trade information including: USML, Schedule B and tariff-controlled goods. Store classifications from multiple government agencies—both U.S. and international—to help ensure your product trade information is valid, and up to date as controls change.

Product Trade Manager


Key benefits for your organization

Organize your Classification Data

With Descartes Visual Compliance, your pertinent product details are kept in one easy-to-find place. You'll save time by not having to repeat the work you've already done.

Secure your Records

Protect the integrity of your classification master data with audit recording—a user-specific approval process with role-based access that controls who can edit, add, or view information.

Built-in Compliance

Combining compliance verification with recordkeeping, Product Trade Manager protects your product trade information and simplifies meeting your ongoing classification obligations.

Access Time-Sensitive Data and Alerts

Expired trade agreements or missing tariff classifications can be costly oversights. Descartes Visual Compliance–Product Trade Manager's intuitive dashboard alerts you to potential problems before they impact business. The "task assignment" feature further helps to ensure nothing slips through the cracks.

Search and Share

With easy-to-use search tools and a logical user interface, Descartes Visual Compliance–Product Trade Manager helps you retrieve your product information quickly, and share with employees or trade chain partners.

Solution Highlights


Descartes Visual Compliance–Product Trade Manager features intuitively-designed screens, streamlined task workflows, and simple navigation controls. The At-a-Glance Dashboard will provide an optimal user experience by directing your attention to records requiring action and providing advanced product trade information with classification management capabilities.


From high-level summaries to fully detailed reports and reviews, the reporting capabilities of Descartes Visual Compliance–Product Trade Manager provide audit-ready records that support proof of your trade compliance activities. Document the who, when and why of product classification and trade management activities for internal use, or when government and regulatory officials come knocking.


Having to adapt to shifting customer demands and changing regulatory landscapes means that the products you import or export—and the way they're classified—are likely to change. To aid in your efforts to keep product trade information up-to-date as efficiently as possible, Product Trade Manager allows users to input multiple data fields at once.


Company-wide compliance demands consistency. In our global economy, it's more important than ever before that product trade data is accessible—no matter where your offices are located. Capture info from multiple jurisdictions, and store it in one central location that can be updated and viewed from anywhere around the world, 24/7.

"It's a very good tool for ensuring all our divisions are on track and doing everything right."

Susan, International Trade Compliance, Technology Industry

Why choose Descartes Visual Compliance?

Brings Compliance to your Recordkeeping

Includes integrated compliance features, such as restricted party screening, classification validation and audit recording to help you achieve your compliance objectives and manage your data.

Works Seamlessly with our Other Compliance Solutions

Once you've organized your product data, you can begin creating export—compliant documents with Descartes Visual Compliance–Export Documentation Manager.

Simple Integration

Leverages your data from existing business systems, easily integrating with Excel, XML, and EIM web services.

Easy Implementation and Use

Descartes Visual Compliance–Product Trade Manager is a simple system that anyone in your organization can use. Once you have access, you can immediately start managing your product data.

Spans Physical Locations and Divisions

Access from anywhere, anytime, and ensure effective company-wide compliance with a global, centralized solution.

Global Tariff Resources

Descartes Visual Compliance–Product Trade Manager includes our Customs IQ solution with links to tariff schedules and resources for over 100 countries, and helps you find standard and preferential duty rates for multiple jurisdictions.

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