ECCN Classification Tool

Search the Commerce Control List (CCL), identify the sections of that apply, and find the right Export Control Classification Numbers (ECCN) for your goods and technology

Intuitive Export Control Classification Number Determination

Descartes Visual Compliance–ECCN Determination allows you to search the CCL and its indexes—separately or at the same time—streamlining the classification process and helping to identify the appropriate classifications for your dual-use goods and technology.

ECCN Classification tool


Key benefits for your organization

Fully searchable

Powerful keyword searches highlight the relevant items listed in the CCL, or use our drill down system to navigate through the list.

Easy to Understand

By breaking out and highlighting the important sections for each ECCN, Descartes Visual Compliance–ECCN Determination makes understanding the CCL much more straightforward. Easily determine reasons for control, license requirements, and potential exceptions for your exports.

Related Commodity Jurisdiction Rulings

See if your products are impacted by an existing ruling. Descartes Visual Compliance allows you to leverage the work of others by referencing Commodity Jurisdiction rulings related to your ECCN.

License Determination

Once you've classified your goods and technology, Descartes Visual Compliance–ECCN Determination helps with your license determination. ECCN information is presented in a manifest that lets you know what licenses are required and what exceptions may be available.

Solution Highlights


With the ability to search both the Commerce Control List (CCL) and the United States Munitions List (USML) simultaneously, you can make sure you're following the proper Order of Review. There's no need to switch back and forth between different solutions, windows and documents.


In addition to determining whether you need a license for your products, you need to know if the destination country is subject to sanctions or under embargo. The built-in License Determination assistant will alert you to any trade restrictions that impact the intended destination of your exports, and what additional licenses may be required.


Searches provide links to related ECCNs, so you can double check and be confident that you have the most correct classification information for your products or technology, and the ability to see if they've been referenced in multiple areas.


Descartes Visual Compliance–Export Classification Solutions come with the ability to record your decision-making rationale and classification decisions within a Product Matrix, giving you the ability to record and review why particular classification numbers were chosen for specific products, and decide if previous decisions were justified. Save time by not having to classify the same items over and over.

"We were looking for something that could assist us in our ECCN classification of products. Descartes Visual Compliance had the best functionality and most user-friendly interface."

Karl, Export Compliance Attorney, Oilfield Services & Equipment

Why choose Descartes Visual Compliance?

Efficient and Accurate

Descartes Visual Compliance's highly-specialized industry-leading solutions makes finding the information you need quick and simple. With multiple ways to search and access to government regulations from around the world, you can feel confident that you're finding the information for all of your export needs.

Increased Decision Quality

With Descartes Visual Compliance's highly-specific solutions, you can be sure that you're making the right decisions. Our solutions also include the ability to search a wide range of international export regulations and watch lists, as well as previous government rulings, sanctions and embargoes, and license requirements, allowing you to get the information you need for every step of our export journey.

Reliable Updates

Our Research and Content Group stays on top of frequent changes and provides updates accordingly. We distill the information and deliver it to you through automatic updates and email notifications to keep you in the loop. Meticulously review content, verify facts, and cross-reference data against multiple government sources. Our rigorous process means you can trust that we're on top of it, so you can concentrate on other things that matter to your business.

Multiple Ways to Search

Descartes Visual Compliance solutions provide multiple ways to find the information you need. You can use our powerful search engines to search by keywords, or use the built in "drill-down" functionality to look through specific sections of regulations. Included in our solutions are up-to-date versions of all government lists, as well as other regulatory information.

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