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Remove the complexities from your export process without compromising compliance


Descartes Visual Compliance–Export Automation solutions give you the peace of mind that comes from knowing you haven't neglected important components of the export process

Combine multiple steps of the export process

Descartes Visual Compliance's suite of export automation solutions allows you to streamline your export process. Intuitive workflows combine the multiple steps of export management, from the documentation process to compliance checks—including sanctions and embargoes—through to managing your license activities.

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See how Descartes Visual Compliance–Export Automation solutions can help to streamline your export documentation and compliance efforts.

"Descartes Visual Compliance has helped streamline our process, increased the accuracy of our order checking, and limited our liability on the export side of our business."

Kimberly, Sales Operation Manager, IT

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Descartes Visual Compliance–Export License Manager's customizable alert system lets you know when licenses require your attention based on your needs and business processes. Our solution will keep track of your license information, and alert you when you're approaching the limits you need to know about—whether that means expiration, exhaustion, or any number of other trigger points. With Descartes Visual Compliance–Export License Manager, you can help ensure that you never find yourself shipping without a valid license.


Not everything you need to keep track of has a part or serial number. Even though there's no physical shipments involved, you need a place to track of all of your tech data. Record transfers of intangible assets and keep track of how both impact your export activities. Descartes Visual Compliance–Export License Manager has been purposely designed to be able to keep track of all the ways that data can be shared and transferred.


Because you need to be in-the-know every step of the way, Descartes Visual Compliance–Export Documentation Manager provides centralized alerts and status dashboards that direct you to what requires your attention. It provides an instant snapshot of your compliance status, determines where your goods are in the export compliance process with a full range of status indicators, and alerts you to potential issues so you can take timely action.


Having more than one person trying to keep track of everything in a spreadsheet or other non-secured data file can be cumbersome and inefficient, and leaves you without an audit trail. With multiple people involved in your organization's export processes, you need a system that can be shared easily, maintains an audit trail, and allows you to restrict access based on role.

Descartes Visual Compliance–Export License Manager addresses your needs with a single platform. Our solution works for everyone in your organization involved in the export process and enables the visibility that supports effective company-wide compliance. You can easily limit who can see what, who can make changes—with a complete audit trail so everyone gets only the information and access that they need—with an audit trail.


Descartes Visual Compliance–Export Documentation Manager helps you prepare multiple export documents and distribute them to those who need them in a single step. With a range of available forms to choose from—including Bills of Lading, Shipper's Letter of Instruction (SLI), Commercial and Pro Forma Invoices and more—the system determines your required documents based on your shipment, and quickly builds documentation from saved shipment templates.

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