Resolution Manager

Quickly review your potential matches from restricted party screening results, while documenting every step of the decision making process

Take action and resolve your matches

From your restricted party screening activity, Descartes Visual Compliance–Resolution Manager allows you to review your results in one place, providing you with a centralized system to resolve any potential matches. Records can be flagged for escalation, actioned or cleared, with every step taken logged by date and by user.

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Key benefits for your organization

Prioritize Actions

Organize your potential matches and focus on the matches you want to address first. Quickly resolve matches with a single click, or review all the available details before making your decision. Easily keep track of which potential matches still need to be addressed.

Responsible Resolution

Role based access lets you define who can resolve matches, and assign matches to roles based on alert level, screening source, division and other easily defined categories.

Escalation and Alerts

Sometimes, resolving potential screening matches requires a higher level of knowledge. Resolution Manager by Descartes Visual Compliance gives you the ability to escalate potential matches and set up instant alerts to matches at a designated level, so you can take action immediately.

Digital Paper Trail

Help to keep your decision making process clear with the built-in recording system. Clarify why decisions were made and maintain a digital paper trail of all the details of the decision making process.

Solution Highlights


Descartes Visual Compliance–Resolution Manager features a simple "Click and Clear" workflow for quick and straightforward processing of screening matches. Easily address matches that don't require further investigation, and give yourself more time to look into those that do.


With Descartes Visual Compliance–Resolution Manager, you get the information you need to make informed decisions on the screen at the same time. No need to have multiple windows open or to struggle with cumbersome printouts. Everything is presented in an easy to understand and organized format.


No matter where your screen results originated—via online, batch, dynamic, or integrated screening—all information is recorded in one centralized system. Information is easy to find and organize, and you can easily limit permissions, so everyone gets only the information and access they need.

"Now, it is much easier to clear results and forward certain matches for further investigation.
I like how we can add comments for each record."

Jennifer, Export Analyst, Education/Research

Why choose Descartes Visual Compliance?

Added Value

Descartes Visual Compliance Resolution Manager works seamlessly with our suite of trade compliance solutions. If you're already doing Restricted Party Screening with Descartes Visual Compliance, it can be easily activated to support your compliance program.

Adapted To Your Business Processes

Our approach is to provide flexible solutions that not only work with your process, but grow with your business. There's no technology to acquire or complicated implementation to plan; you simply start using the solution the way you need to.

Address Your Urgent Issues Today

Because Descartes Visual Compliance solutions are online, there are no complex decisions to be made. You can solve your most pressing export problems immediately. Address current issues today, and add additional functions when they become needed to fill potential gaps in your compliance program.

Compliance Innovation

We remain at the forefront of delivering innovative trade, export, and financial compliance solutions, because we heavily invest in research and development, and are committed to sharing the benefits with our customers.

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