Compliance Manager Workflow

Combines and expands on the critical components of our Audit and Resolution solutions to address your potential restricted party screening matches, and adds new features to increase visibility and control of your compliance activities

Your audit and resolution control center

Descartes Visual Compliance–Compliance Manager Workflow builds on the features of Screening Audit and History and Resolution Manager, and adds useful options like dashboard views, dynamic screening management and bulk status updating to provide you with a comprehensive solution to increase visibility and streamline your compliance program.

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Key benefits for your organization

At-a-Glance Dashboard

Compliance Manager Workflow by Descartes Visual Compliance's dashboard gives you a view of Restricted Party Screening results that need to be addressed across your entire organization. See how many potential matches need to be resolved by department and a wide variety of important information in one place.

Screening Audit and History

Provides reports of screening activity within your organization with relevant details. Filters and advanced searches make it easier to find what you're looking for.

Manage Your Rescreening

Easily manage your rescreening records, including being able to remove outdated or irrelevant records. Stop wasting time going over results you no longer have interest in.

Resolution Manager

Review your results From your Restricted Party Screening activity in a centralized system that allows you to resolve potential matches. Records can be flagged for escalation, actioned or cleared, with every step taken logged by date and by user.

Solution Highlights


You may have an established compliance process that ensures your local compliance requirements are met, but in an international marketplace you also need to be able to deploy your solution globally. Ensuring everyone is on the same page and using the same processes is tough to achieve unless you have software that works the way you work, and fits in seamlessly with your regular business processes.

Descartes Visual Compliance addresses your needs with a single platform. Our solution enables the visibility that supports effective company-wide compliance.


You need to know that partner companies understand and respect the importance of your data, and provide secure methods of transmitting and storing critical information.

You also need to know that you can depend on the companies working with you—that the services you use every day won't suddenly go down or share your data.

Descartes Visual Compliance has been an SaaS leader from the beginning and has remained on top of security concerns by implementing safeguards at every opportunity.

Our customers benefit from our ongoing investments in robust, reliable data centers. We host our solutions from secure, SSAE16 environments to keep our software secure and available to our customers 24/7, and retain your data for at least the minimum statutory requirements.


Our customers share our belief that screening and recordkeeping should go hand in hand. Audit–readiness demands detailed proof of due diligence, documenting the who, when, what and why of screening activities for internal use or for an official audit.

Descartes Visual Compliance provides a full range of audit recording and due diligence solutions that automatically record screening details and allow users to easily demonstrate their compliance activities.


You may think that implementing a reliable compliance solution will be a lot of work.

The fear of downtime, the disruption to regular business and the time to train users—we know these are the concerns on your mind, but once you see how our solutions work, we think those concerns can be alleviated.

Designed to be easily deployed, the typical Descartes Visual Compliance user is up-and-running within a day—addressing restricted party screening results with minimal training while business carries on as usual.

"Compliance Manager Workflow gave us the dynamic tool we needed for our day-to-day operations."

Jennifer, Export Analyst, Education/Research

Why choose Descartes Visual Compliance?

Incredibly Intuitive

Descartes Visual Compliance–Compliance Manager Workflow is a simple system that anyone in your organization can use. Once you have access, you can immediately start taking the next steps in the compliance process.

A Solution that Grows with You

You can get started today with as many users as you want. It's easy to "grow as you go", adding additional users as needed. As your business evolves your compliance requirements may change, and our solution grows right along with you by allowing you to enhance your existing functionalities.

Compliance Innovation

We remain at the forefront of delivering innovative trade, export, and financial compliance solutions, because we heavily invest in research and development, and are committed to sharing the benefits with our customers.

Address Your Urgent Issues Today

Because Descartes Visual Compliance solutions are online, there are no complex decisions to be made. You can solve your most pressing export problems immediately. Address current issues today, and add additional functions when they become needed to fill potential gaps in your compliance program.

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