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We deliver powerful, robust and cost-effective trade compliance solutions—made possible through our commitment to excellence and innovation—and we've been doing it for over 35 years

Since our inception, eCustoms has made it our business to parallel the story of globalization and the impact that the now-universal use of technology has had on the way we conduct business. Even back in 1981, we held the firm belief that technology would play a leading role in managing the complexities of international trade. This resulted in the creation of our export, trade and financial compliance solutions—solutions that would allow organizations to more easily conduct business in a challenging regulatory landscape.  


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Visual Compliance—innovative solutions for the intricate world of compliance

We've accomplished this, in part, because we've adapted to the shifting, and increasingly complex, regulatory landscape, as well as to the changing needs of our clients. In fact, our nimbleness—combined with our deep technical prowess, industry knowledge and commitment to customer service—are some of the reasons why so many of our earliest customers are still with us. These lasting, long-term relationships are a natural result of our ability to provide flexible solutions that have proven to be sustainable over time, coupled with our dedication to our customers

         Our large client base is one of the many reasons why we've remained a stable, privately-held, ongoing concern when so many other organizations have had to reinvent themselves in order to survive. We do not rely on any outside funding and instead trust that our long-term approach of developing lasting relationships with clients across the globe will continue to give us the freedom to do what we do best—focus on developing and delivering innovative trade, export and financial compliance solutions—and to continue to do so long into the future.

         Performing all development, technical direction, support and services in-house with our own full-time professional staff to ensure quality, consistency, and security; committing to long-term investments into research and development, leveraging advancements in technology, regulatory environments and best international trade compliance processes; investing in our people by ensuring they have the most up-to-date knowledge, skills and tools to be able to provide the solutions you need—these are just a few more chapters in the eCustoms and Visual Compliance story.

         While many people know us best through Visual Compliance—our scalable, powerful, easy-to-use suite of automated trade, export and financial (OFAC) compliance software—there is so much more to eCustoms. We invite you to get to know us by visiting www.eCustoms.com.

"The tipping point in eCustoms' favor was that their product specialists provided excellent service, and were willing to work with us. They really made our management feel comfortable, and turned our business association into a real relationship."

Alice, Export Compliance Attorney, Manufacturing

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