About Descartes Visual Compliance

Our mission?

To give our customers powerful, comprehensive and affordable global trade compliance solutions so they can be—and remain—export, trade and OFAC compliant. A mission that has been strengthened since joining forces with the world's premier global logistics community—Descartes' Systems Group.

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Compliance for tomorrow—today

Since our inception, we've made it our business to parallel the demands of globalization our customers were experiencing, the related compliance challenges it brought, and the impact that the now-universal use of technology has had on the way we conduct business.

In 1981, the year we were founded, we firmly believed that technology would play a leading role in managing the complexities of international trade. At the time, even technological processes weren’t fully automated, which made having industry experience and expertise all the more important.

The result of the combination of the above? The creation of Descartes Visual Compliance.

A family of export, trade and financial compliance solutions that allows organizations to more easily conduct business at home, and across the globe. A suite of solutions that will continue to positively impact the global trade compliance industry now that they have been welcomed into the fold of Descartes' Global Logistics Network.

Our foundation

An eye on innovation

Early to recognize that Software as a Solution (SaaS) would be the way of the future, we also understood that developing configurable solutions—rather than programming from the ground up every time—would be the most effective, and the least disruptive way to help our customers address their specific compliance pain points. And that has been our focus ever since.


Lasting relationships


We were fortunate early on to have served organizations of all sizes, with whom we worked with in a spirit of collaboration. Listening to feedback from our large customer base, we were—and remain—committed to working with them to provide "better-than-best"-in-class solutions.

A global solution

To allow our customers to achieve trade compliance beyond their own backyard, they need a solution that will span the globe. Visual Compliance solutions include watch list, regulatory, tariff content from the U.S., EU and EMEA, APAC—and more.


Industry experience


Export, trade and OFAC compliance laws apply to everybody, which is why Visual Compliance has served a full spectrum of industries and sectors since our founding.

From financial services, banking, NGOs and charities, government agencies, retailers, manufacturers, research and higher education institutions, IT and software, travel and hospitality, transportation, logistics providers, aerospace and defense—and more—our customers have confidence that no matter their industry, we have the experience and solutions to meet their needs.

Data security

You can trust your data is in safe hands. With layers upon layers of encryption, authentication and authorization controls in place, you can trust that your user and client business data is protected on secure servers—and only accessible to your organization. Regular monitoring, intrusion detecting, and testing using industry recognized tools, are just a few more ways we keep your data safe, at rest and in transit.


"The tipping point in Visual Compliance's favor was that their product specialists provided excellent service, and were willing to work with us. They really made our management feel comfortable, and turned our business association into a real partnership."

Alice, Export Compliance Attorney, Manufacturing

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