Visual Compliance requires the following:
  • Microsoft Internet Explorer 9, 10, 11, or Edge, Google Chrome, or Firefox
    • All Visual Compliance and Compliance Manager versions require Microsoft Internet Explorer 9, 10, or 11 for advanced features to operate normally.
      Internet Explorer 10 and 11 employ a somewhat quirky "Compatibility Mode" function that sometimes defaults too low in IE versions and no long supports Visual Compliance program scripts (F12 to reveal the document mode for IE users). Compatibility Mode should be set 'off' for IE 9.
    • Visual Compliance and Compliance Manager versions perform well with current versions of Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox. Visual Compliance will also function normally with current versions of Opera and Safari, possibly with minor display style variations.
    • Visual Compliance will not function with a Netscape browser. On Macintosh there are sometimes secure layer issues ("https") which have to be resolved on the local machine.
    • Visual Compliance Mobile version works with all popular touch-screen smartphone device browsers. If you encounter an issue, please contact your service representative with details. A 'hand-held' version is available for pointer-screen mobile devices.
    • The Visual Compliance RPS iPhone application works with all iPhone models.

  • Local browser security
    • If browser security is set "high" with script support or Java disabled, Visual Compliance will not function. Visual Compliance is an online application, and all advanced web applications require and use programming scripts and session variables stored on the client.

  • Pop-up windows
    • All Visual Compliance versions use regular HTML or Ajax commands for any self-sizing on-top windows, and do not use Javascript pop-ups. While full browser windows with address- and toolbars are less economical for space on the screen, they entail no problems for users that have a pop-up blocker active.

  • Acrobat Reader 6.0 or better is required in all Visual Compliance versions for PDF views (to install or upgrade go to Adobe Acrobat Reader).

  • Java support for your browser will improve performance (Sun Java Plug-In recommended).

  • Flash support for your browser is required in Visual Compliance III+ for the scalable print views (Adobe Flash Plug-In).

  • Session cookies
    • While "cookieless" sessions are now the standard for all versions, session IDs are stored and your application performance will be enhanced selecting to "always allow session cookies" in your Internet Explorer setup [Tools >> Internet Options >> Privacy >> Advanced].
    • The only persistant cookies written by Visual Compliance are the "Remember Me" values from the logon page, saved at the user's option.

If you do not know how to do check or adjust any of these settings, please contact your IT department for support.